We've lost one of our own. Rest in peace Michael "Robber" Robinson.

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In Memory of Robber...We had some fun friend, from 3 Tiger Stadiums (Texas Southern, Jackson St, and LSU DV) to AT&T (Dallas Cowboy) Stadium I will always remember you!




Man... First thing I saw when I opened my Facebook app this morning. I didn't personally know him but he seemed like a cool guy. Prayers to his family during this time.

We REALLY never know the day nor the hour we'll be called home.
Same here man. I saw Kellis post on Facebook as I was laying in the bed this morning. I was in disbelief as many in here have said. I used to talk to mike on here because he knew a few people from my hometown. He was a good guy. My prayers are with his family.
Wow! This is a shocker to me. I met Robber as the "The SWAC Page" began through all of the post wars. He would talk hella trash and I would go back and forth with him and Get Ready. Finally met them in Grambling when "Superman Kent" came to Grambling back in the day. Here comes Get Ready and Robber talkin' much noise. We allowed them to sit with us and they watched us kick J-State Butt that day. Had much respect for his perspective on certain topics on the page. When Grambling was far outta town and J-State would play Southern in Jackson, I'd go to the game in Jackson with my "G" Hat on and he would invite me to hang out with him at their tailgate spot for a "Hot Minute." Truly good guy and I will pray for his family's strength during this time.

I've always...always... said that it was the people who posted on this forum that played a hugh part in making this website what it has become. But Robber is of the "TSPN Old School". He is one of the posters that literally has been affiliated with this message board since the very day it was launched. He is apart of this website's foundation. And that is not an over statement either. In fact, my interactions with Robber began before the message board of this website was even created. I used to interact with him, GR, JR, D-Nice and others on a message board hosted by Yahoo.

When I informed him and the others that I had created the TSPN message board, they had no problem, whatsoever, supporting my efforts. Robber and the others were some of the original posters of this message board. It was him and the others who helped to spread the word about what was going on here. And for that I will forever be grateful.

When I informed the Mrs. (Royal One), she was in tears. She took it harder than I expected. She'd tell always me that part of the reason she'd make the road trips with me to Jackson was so that she could mix it up with Robber and GR. Those are her "J-State Dudes". It, again, just speaks to how good a guy Robber was.

That brother will be missed! I am proud to say that I knew him and could call him a friend.

RIP my brother!

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Still shocked from the time Fi told me earlier yesterday. smh

God's will which I cannot question. RIP, Mike Rob. :(
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