We've lost one of our own. Rest in peace Michael "Robber" Robinson.


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Our very own Michael "Robber" Robinson passed away last night. I don't know any of the details of the cause of his death. Mike was a good dude. I'm still in total disbelief. Rest in peace Mike Rob!! You were one of the good guys. You will be missed.
I met Mike when I went home a few years ago along with Show and Get Ready. We had a few beers, talked smack before the game, but through it all he was one of the coolest dudes I've ever known in my life. He had a love for the sport of boxing and talked about it whenever we had a chance. Rest well brother and I pray that your family and friends stay strong.
Wonderful guy, always warm and helpful. Met him about 15 years ago at a JSU football practice and kept up with him ever since. I still remember him giving me advice and walking me through one of my first court cases. He will be sorely missed.
Whoa! What happened? Man Mike was a cool dude! So sorry to hear this!!! Rip Brother!!!!!
I got a text from Avis this morning with this stunning, sad news. If you never met rob before me, trust me, the things being posted in this thread are true. MikeRob was indeed one of the good guys. Cool, friendly, thoughtful. I think the first time I met him was at the Atlanta reunion. Over the years, we would see each other at games and win, lose or draw, he was the same- cool, laughing good guy. On tspn, I even took to referring to rob as one of the few smart JSU people. I thought about that picture he took and posted way back in 2001 of me on the ground laughing at JSU and TP after ASU won at JSU homecoming. I think back to this spring when JSU beat ASU in the baseball tournament and he and Avis had all kinds of jokes for me. Lol
I will miss Mike. For me, an ASU/JSU game wont be the same
I pray that GOD comforts and strengthens his family.
Rest in peace my friend
Was he sick or something? Man I'm still like wow! Mike is young man. Wow! At first I thought this was gonna be like the thread Mike Big started a few years back about him. It was a guy name Mike out of Jackson that had died and Bigg made a thread using dudes obituary. Robber hurried and posted and said it ain't me I'm still here yall got the wrong Mike Rob. Wow! How sad!
I knew he had been sick but I thought he had bounced back. A reasonable man & a Jefferson Davis County product. Didn't know him personally but from what I knew he was a good guy. RIH

my condolences to the JSU fam.
Sigh....it took me a while to sign on today. I heard the news as soon as I got up this morning. I talked to Mike around Christmas last year. He told me he was sick and the prognosis was not a good one. So I've been preparing myself. But it still will never sit well with you when it does happen.

RIP Robber!
Truly saddened when I received at text from TP. Mighty Hornet's post was right on. I remember Robber opened up his home to Suge and I after a Gram / J-State game that ended late as genuine and kind nature was always apparent.

May God's grace and guidance hold dear to his family.
Jax just called me; even now I can't stop crying.

I would meet Michael & Avis before our game; Michael was always so very nice to me (as well as GR). I'd always be so nervous before I saw them but after hugging him, I was good. I will miss him!

Forever Rest in the bosom of Christ Jesus Michael!