We've lost one of our own. Rest in peace Michael "Robber" Robinson.

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I've always...always... said that it was the people who posted on this forum that played a hugh part in making this website what it has become. But Robber is of the "TSPN Old School". He is one of the posters that literally has been affiliated with this message board since the very day it was launched. He is apart of this website's foundation. And that is not an over statement either. In fact, my interactions with Robber began before the message board of this website was even created. I used to interact with him, GR, JR, D-Nice and others on a message board hosted by Yahoo.

When I informed him and the others that I had created the TSPN message board, they had no problem, whatsoever, supporting my efforts. Robber and the others were some of the original posters of this message board. It was him and the others who helped to spread the word about what was going on here. And for that I will forever be grateful.

When I informed the Mrs. (Royal One), she was in tears. She took it harder than I expected. She'd tell always me that part of the reason she'd make the road trips with me to Jackson was so that she could mix it up with Robber and GR. Those are her "J-State Dudes". It, again, just speaks to how good a guy Robber was.

That brother will be missed! I am proud to say that I knew him and could call him a friend.

RIP my brother!
I miss him and I never met him face to face... Thursday night I was driving here to Oxford for a wedding today and remembered he attended Ole Miss. I decided to send him my traditional "Great Pumpkin" smack via FB. Just doesn't seem real... I regret that I never got to actually meet Rob, he used to kid me about it saying "Man, you got to lock the church" so I knew you weren't coming.
Rest in Peace my friend. Death is only the beginning. Our mortal form may fail, but our souls are eternal. Here's to a great life amongst us on this side; preparing us for an even greater after life on the other side. I will see you again my brother. We ALL will see one another again.

In shock and truly saddened. Would one of you that are close ask the family if their is an address we can send cards, letters, or who will be handling the services and I can send it there.

I want to thank his family for sharing this great man with us.

Please feel free to PM me any information.
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I'm in total schock right now! I can't believe Robber is gone when we were just talking on the sports forum...

Robber was a cool admirable dude always grinning ready to talk isht ...met him a few times when jsu played a&m ..he was a real jsu fan and I was actually counting on running into him at the game in 2 weeks...like many of us he was on here when TSPN first started and it will be sad not having him around!

My prayers for his family and his kids ...I hurt for all of you ..god bless
OMG, not Robber, I was asking one of the Mafia about him last week.

Met Robber and other JSU faithful, years ago at the SHC.

Take your rest.