We've lost one of our own. Rest in peace Michael "Robber" Robinson.

Awwww man MackG just text me. I met him at the JackTown Reunion a few years ago. When I first started back posted he gave me all types of support. A good brother.

RIP good brother.
Sick to my stomach right now. Mike Rob was a good dude man! Still remember the times I used to bring Gatorade to the practice field during the Bell years so we die hard fans could chat about how to deal with the times. Show, GR, /99, LS I know you all remember! Ain't gon be the same with Rob not there!

Man this just hurts. RIP brother. You Will Be Sorely missed.
Saddest I have been in a long time. Mike, GR and I met actually before TSPN I believe. Still remember taking them down to PV when JSU came to Houston to play TxSU in the late 90s. That began our long term friendship. We eventually got to talking about our grandfathers since we both are Robinsons and figured out we were probably related. No more suffering now. No more worrying about forgetting to bring the ice( long time running joke).

RIP to a good dude, kinfolk, and most importantly a friend who always was positive when you talked to him.
Only fitting for me to say a few words about my boy Mike Rob.

Been knowing him since 1997 from the original SWAC Page. Whenever Robber and Get Ready rolled into Houston or me and my boys made it to Jackson. Hooking up was always a given.

That cat loved his Tigers and Cowboys. We'd all hook up on Sundays before heading back home to watch the NFL games and Mike Rob was always a real genuine guy.

Win one today for Robber Jackson State.
It was in the small talk forum. Hate to stumble on it again, because it dont feel right.
RIP Robber. I met him only a few times. Every time, he was truly genuine (like all have said).

May God comfort the Robinson family during this time.