Things you will never hear a HARD brotha say...

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I am a fan of Oprah.
Going 70 MPH on the highway is too fast.
I'd rather go 55.
I do not like fast cars.
I always watch Lifetime and WE.
I can't stand to watch Jacque Reid each weeknight.
I do not want to watch the playoffs this weekend.
Take all of the money you want.
I like watching Oprah everyday.
I have never gone to gentlemen's clubs.
Did I say that I was a fan of Oprah?


"Dear, will you 'be having' jam or syrup with your biscuits that I am baking"

"Where is my apron"

"I want my son to be the featured 'Twirler' for the band"

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Originally posted by STRAWDOG

"I want my son to be the featured 'Twirler' for the band"

This one is the WINNER! :tup: No HARD BROTHER or SISTER could stomach his son being a twirler! :shame:


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Originally posted by STRAWDOG

"I want my son to be the featured 'Twirler' for the band"

How bout':

I am the son of a former featured twirler in the band...
My dad used to twirl the flag @ FAMU (for those of you who don't know, FAMU has an all-male flag corp)

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Originally posted by MightyDog

I use my fingers to mix my cornbread with my greens

Actually MD....hardbrothers only eat greens with their fingers.

Please dont get me started on the twirler and flagboy issue...


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Let's go feed the Ducks at the Pond.

I will hold the door for every woman I see today.

Hi , May I help you with that


Originally posted by enswaclopedia
I voted for Reuben. (Or any other contestant)
You got that right. Man, I used to be lost when them topics about Reub were started. Since I have never watched the show, I had nary a clue. Hard brothas don't watch that show.


When my woman says "jump", I say "how high". :jump:

I cried when my ex told me it was over. :bawling:

I like my nails long. :vomit:


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Who wants to play Candyland?

Would I lie to you?

My basketball shorts are too tight.

Instead of giving her this teddy bear for Valentines Day, I'll keep it for myself.

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"Hey man, can I borrow your Billy Ocean CD?"

(Billy Ocean can be substituded with:
BArbara Steisand, Barry Manilow, Kenny G, or Jonh Tesh)
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