Things you will never hear a HARD brotha say...

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I'm sensitive
Please don't talk so rough to me
I'm sorry I yelled, what was I thinking?
Since you went to the PTA meeting last time, I'll go this time
Of course I know who has been calling/paging me all day and what they want with me.
Do you need money?
"Sure you can look at Emeril or Lifetime, I'm not watching the Football Game

"chile please"

"I'm fascinated with your mind..."

"sure you can take the Expedition, I'll take the minivan..."

"Sports are so overrated..."
You men are a riot...:lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

How about this, guys:

I held "it" just so it would last longer and we could kum together
A hard Brother will not say

you make the kool aid

you can cash my check

look in my wallet

did you?

who was your first love

when we get married can I sleep in PJs

you work where

I am stroking

Let's go to Couples
What time does Golden Girls come on?
I need a bandaid
Are we going to Home Depot again?
Yeah, I play the flute
Let's get matching outfits

edit:... yeah, outfits. A brotha might actually go for t-shirts :swink:
Of all the days to be busy. . .

"Let's go see E. Lynn Harris's play."

"Hi, my name is Suge." (Suge Knight is the exception.)

"You don't even most know me."

"What time does the mall open???"

"I'm saving myself for the right woman."

"What game???"

"I don't like it when women go down on me."

"I'm telling."
Fortitude, the spray j4l is referring too is for jock itch.

Now on to the list:

Sweetie, we can leave after the halftime show, I only came to see the bands.

Take this $2000 baby, since you're stripping to put yourself through college.

Is $75 a good deal on a oil change?

You fellas will have to excuse me, I have a little gas?

I can't believe you only want a sexual relationship. What about my feelings?

If you ask me to have a menage a trois with your sexy arsed girlfriend one more time, it's over!

"Am I the best you had?"

"You drive this time while I ride in the passenger seat."

"Does this shirt matches my socks?"

"Here's $50 just to go shopping with."

"Yes, you can get my Visa card."

"Let's wear our matching outfits and take some pictures."

"I promise to get your name tattooed on my arm if you get mines tattooed on yours."

"Yeah, I like my inlaws."
I'd love to join you at the beauty shop

Let's go get a manicure/pedicure together

Do these clothes make me look big

Just a salad, I'm trying to lose weight

Instead of going to the game, let's rent movies and stay in

You're out of tampons/maxi-pads, lemme go to the store and get you some more
"Could you please bring back some Charmin, cause the generic kind hurts my butt when I wipe."

"Baby, can I use some of your Bath and Body Works lotion, cause my hands are dry and ashy."

"I think I will by that Chenille sweater I like."

"Timberlands cost too much."
"I just finished my Atkins diet....

"Last night on the WE channel.....

"My wallets over there.....

"Let me put my jacket over this water puddle..

"The Gap had a great sale last night on.....
Originally posted by D-NICE
Fortitude, the spray j4l is referring too is for jock itch.
Thanks for clearing that up.................ewwwwww! :infect:

Well, w/that being said a hard brotha won't say:

Will you spray my nutts? They're itching something awful.
Ooh. That movie is too scarry!

Yeah, I'd like to audition for the part of Steve on "Blues Clues".

I'd like to sign up for the synchronized swimming class....

Did you ring the Hershey's Kisses?

What did I have for lunch? I had a Lunchable...
I will have cheese cake for dessert

I went to the Doctor today

I use my fingers to mix my cornbread with my greens
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