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Why so? Why not Ohio State?

Are hbcus now lab experiments for bored ex athletes with nothing to do?
I’m assuming the HBCU’s want these guys to come in and bring a spark to the school. The big names are what these schools are interested in. So to answer your question we are the experiment league. No way he could even get a sniff at Ohio State. Just like Prime thought he wanted a shot at Florida State before they hired Mike Norvel.


F*** THE LAKERS!!!!!!
Is this true? Has he coached at ANY level before now, even as an assistant? I'm sure there are a lot more deserving coaches who can get the job done. This is a splash higher that makes absolutely no sense to me. There's a helluva lot more to coaching than just celebrity. This must be the #PRIMEeffect that we all saw coming, lol. Tennessee State must be real desperate for some attention.

We shole do love shiny things. :rolleyes:
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They ain’t gonna bring what you think - drop me 30 million and we can talk. Don’t come cause you bored and Deion is doing it so you need to be seen and your running off an hbcu grad for an experiment
Say what you want, JSU has benefitted financially (so has the SWAC) because of their coach. Football talent arriving this fall will be impressive.

If you pay me the money that CEOs make, we can talk!


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They knew about HBCUs back then and wanted nothing to do with us..now that these trump supporters don't want them coming back to be head coach at Ohio states Tennessees etc of the country..they now all of a sudden want to be hbcu coaches lol
Rights even these D1 football players JSU Tenn state SU GSU and so on been here but since they want to be seen or a opportunity now our HBCUS are good enough come on. Come to our schools for us not because you want exposure


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It should not be overlooked that celebrity does not translate to coaching knowhow. Just ask Deion Sanders! Dr. Eley, Coach Odums, and Coach Maynor taught Prime Time a lesson, if he learned it. That lesson was that it takes more than celebrity to win on the gridiron, and that until that lesson is learned, beatings. the likes of which he took against ASU, SU, and AAMU the past 3 weekends, will continue to come his way in great abundance and rapid succession. You see, as ignorance would have one discount, athletes of the 4-star and 3-star variety are not new to SWAC institutions. We've had them for years. They have come in the form of the Walter Paytons, the Jerry Rices, the Doug Williames, and the Aeneas Williames of the world. If one believes Prime will be the door through which high grade athletes debut the SWAC, then one is likely to be greatly disappointed upon the advent of Fall when victory fails to matriculate full circle commensurate with one's own beliefs.