Jackson State University Sonic Boom of the South (2019-2020)


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Hey! This clip may be wayyyy out of place but I just stumbled across it and because I'm a fan of the Percussion Section I had to post it! It's from Thee JSU Band Camp this past June. I gotta tip my cap to the young lady with the red snare on the far left! She got chops!

View: https://www.facebook.com/jsusbots/videos/392269964717863/

The young lady has skills! She reminds me of myself working chopsticks eating Chinese food. ;)
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Blu Bengal

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2019-20 JSU Prancing J-Settes (March In & Get Ready) Merge
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2019-20 JSU Prancing J-Settes (Scar) Merge
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2019-20 JSU Prancing J-Settes (After the Morning) Merge
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2019-20 JSU Prancing J-Settes (The Show) Merge
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2019-20 JSU Prancing J-Settes (March Back & Get Ready) Merge
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