Comegy to Valley.......

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by Dog81, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Dog81

    Dog81 Well-Known Member

    Would be a win - win for Comegy and Valley.......Comegy would be able to remain in the Mississippi retirement system and be appreciated for his hard work. Valley in return would have a proven person who has the coaching skills to win a SWAC championship.

    PS: The JSU vs Valley game would be highly anticipated.....
  2. Jag-BR

    Jag-BR Go Jags!!!!!!

    I don't think he would go there.

  3. Robber

    Robber Consigliere

    If Valley opened that pocket book up, he would.
  4. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    First , you said JSU would not buy Comegy out. Eat that crow. Besides, if AAMU does not get Comegy, ya'll will regret. In fact, if ya'll get Comegy, we MIGHT regret it. Valley can't afford Comegy but I think they might be willing to pay a little more since they have a new administration.

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.
  5. bernard

    bernard ^Your Brain On Drugs!

    That would be a coo for the Valley! Valley has new President Valley, it may happen!
  6. JSUDMJ2004

    JSUDMJ2004 JSU enuff said!

    Unless a 61 year old Comegy feels like starting with nothing then go for it...the best and most likely situation is Winston Salem he will inherit a good team he can recruit more JUCO kids and transfers and he would b able to win now...The End
  7. Get Ready

    Get Ready Well-Known Member

    Actually Comegy to AAMU is an even better idea. You might be able to get some talent and stop being JSUs bitch
  8. Dog81

    Dog81 Well-Known Member

    TP, I was joking.....I didn't know the man would really be fired. Well, don't blame me. It was Cee who ask what has JSU done since 1999, DaHill who pointed out that JSU has only won one championship since AAMU joined the SWAC, and JRock with all of his fancy math percentages about JSU that called you all out...I guess the JSU administration read TSPN....Don't blame me.
  9. Dog81

    Dog81 Well-Known Member

    G, I understand your anger......Kobe out for 6 more weeks, Romo being Romo, and the JSU let down to Southern. Things will get better!

    PS: Hang in there!
  10. TRU3000

    TRU3000 A&M #1

  11. TRU3000

    TRU3000 A&M #1

    I don't think we qualify as JSU's bitch when you guys asked us for a "running clock"

    Never Forget!
  12. TRU3000

    TRU3000 A&M #1

    No we won't....our future is very bright.....just wait on it:popcorn:

    *looking for my Ray Bans*


    P.s. ...TP whoever we pick yall gonna regret it ...:emlaugh:
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  13. Get Ready

    Get Ready Well-Known Member

    Bwhahahahaha Bwhahahahaha Bwhahahahaha

    I understand that your goals and expectations are less than ours. You just fired a damn good coach that couldn't wait to get his ass out of AAMU. You just got a new AD who thinks he's smart but he is about to set AAMU back 10 years and trust me you can't stand that. He might take y'all back to D2 where you belong. Maybe if y'all go D2 the other schools who can't afford to be here academically and athletically will move with you. I think most schools in the SWAC are waiting for that one team to move down.

    When y'all make this stupid hire then Grambling SU TxSU valley PB and Alcorn will see its ok to go D2. PV will go D3 or NAIA. Hopefully bamastate will be shut down by then

    Good luck ...sorta
  14. TRU3000

    TRU3000 A&M #1

    Get Ready all that is wishful thinking on your part....

    like I said you're the same person who used to dog Jones out when he was coaching here....used to talk 24'7 about how dumb of a coach he was...make dumb jokes about him liking "eggs" and all this other BS :lol:.....NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN HE WAS THE BEST COACH IN THE SWAC ...FOH LOL

    I don't know how you got a "man crush " on Jones after we fired him...:lol:

    oh yeah AD Hicks is a savvy guy if what is about to go down happens he is far from making a "stupid hire".....major props to AD Hicks ...I knew you would get this right in the end that's why you were hired my brother ....thanks mane we appreciate you thinking this out ... :)

    I think we should throw some type of parade 2nd line style after our new coach gets here or something....its gonna be a celebration ...

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  15. BulldogM.Ed.23

    BulldogM.Ed.23 Bulldog Fan/Supporter shole is right...snicker

  16. Get Ready

    Get Ready Well-Known Member

    I still don't think AJ is that good. He is just good for y'all. You don't have the right to ask for more than Jones cause you don't go to your own damn games. You admit that if TennSt is having something or if whitefolks doing something in Tuscaloosa your fans would much rather go there. When MightyJSU comes to town, 5dsmn hours away thru all those cotton and sugar cane fields, we outnumber y'all. The only students from AAMU are band members. Its a pitiful situation. You don't have a SWAC winning culture because you don't deserve it.

    I hope Stimey messes this hire up like he did when he fired Warmly. Po Warmly.
  17. TRU3000

    TRU3000 A&M #1

    Get Ready you are way down in Jackson, don't have the right to tell us what we deserve up here and what is good for us....just make sure "The Queen" and "TFO" got they stuff together :lol:

    and Fans not coming to games doesn't have anything to do with nothing...cuz fans don't win games players do :)
    you should know that after TWO STRAIGHT SWAC CHAMPIONSHIP LOSSES :lol:

    "Stimey" as you refer to him might be considered the best SWAC AD after the smoke clears.
    Thanks AD Hicks like this is why you were hired...we commend you my guy..:clap:

    *puts on ray bans..takes sips of lemonade*

    Oh yeah Merry Christmas SWAC are bout to get a gift in the form of a "New Era of A&M Bulldog Football"

    just wait on it...wait on it :lol:
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  18. TRU3000

    TRU3000 A&M #1

    I feel sorry for their mothers *Korean store owner from menace to society*

    I can't wait on the big announcement...definitely gonna be a Merry Christmas in Normal, Alabama
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  19. Get Ready

    Get Ready Well-Known Member

    Tru you don't know what the hell you are talking about. No show fans like you are the reason AAMU is at the bottom of the SWAC now. Wouldnt you like to go back to D2? Things were much simpler and better for AAMU then. You don't belong on this level.
  20. TRU3000

    TRU3000 A&M #1

    No GR you don't know what you are talking....LOL

    just worry about what's going on in Jackson...we got this up here we don't need your advice AT ALL...

    I just wanna thank Pres. Hugine and AD Hicks ...either way we will be straight with what you guys come up with!

    thank you FBS gods....


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  21. Get Ready

    Get Ready Well-Known Member

    You are doesn't matter who you hire cause you won't see them do anything. You will be in Nashville or Tuscaloosa anyway. Its a damn shame how y'all are
  22. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    TRU, you are AAMU. That means you are lesser than JSU. No matter who you will hire will have to face that and no matter who you hire would rather be coaching at JSU.
  23. TRU3000

    TRU3000 A&M #1

    whoever we hire doesn't care about coaching @ me they don't care. Yall Jacksonville St up here so no one cares ...

    JaxSU = JSU

    yall just make sure yall don't hire James Bell II :lol:
  24. Get Ready

    Get Ready Well-Known Member

    Do you know how dumb you sound every time you say that?
  25. Get Ready

    Get Ready Well-Known Member

    And furthermore

    Who the hell is AAMU to suggest a coach for valley? Didn't valley kick yalls ass for homecoming? Didn't they destroy the 100 locals that showed up for homecoming and didn't go to TennSt homecoming instead? You need to be worried about getting a decent coach that can speak and coach. One SWAC already gave an unsmart coach a contract and he can't talk. Y'all need to concentrate on not duplicating that ignorance

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