Why I HATE bruno mars and his cronies...

Discussion in 'The Band Board' started by Bewildered, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Bewildered

    Bewildered Well-Known Member

    True old skoolers will feel me on this. Simply because I'm selfish. I'm selfish selfish selfish don't wanna' share this coveted culturalism we call funk. This bastid is exposing our coveted culture to EVERYBODY and now everybody is trying to get funktified. WTF?! I've been a funkateer when funk jetted in the early 1970s. As I tried to listen to a few of his current songs, I kept hearing the rifts from the original funk songs. :( And now these "peoplez," who aren't funkateers smh, are bobbing their heads to this plagiarised mess. :mad:

    Can't stand it man. "We'll toast to that, bottoms up!" <<<< feel me?
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  2. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Spoken like a true funkateer! But don't worry P. These new schoolers don't really have funk. Have you even noticed our HBCU bands don't even groove like that used to in the 80s. It's just not in them to have that kind of funk feeling.
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  3. Storm96

    Storm96 Well-Known Member

    Bruno mars' music is cheesy funk. It doesn't have a very long shelf life.
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  4. BulldogM.Ed.23

    BulldogM.Ed.23 Bulldog Fan/Supporter

    In my George Clinton voice,

    "Well, alright. Hey I was diggin' on y'all's funk for awhile
    Sounds like it got a three on it though, to me
    Then I was down south and I heard some funk with some main ingredients
    Like Bruno Mars and Daft Punk
    It was cool, but can you imagine Bruno in your funk?"

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  5. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    I like Bruno for the new school. But he aint no where near the old school Funk. LOL.
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  6. the band fan

    the band fan Baseball Fan

    problem is who is he competing against? The one hit wonders of the 70s and 80s made it competitive new jack songs of the 90s had plenty of 1 hit wonders also as you didn't appreciate it until now

    now? not sure
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  7. JagHammer

    JagHammer Senior Troll

    I want my funk uncut.
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  8. PsychoJag

    PsychoJag We Run The SWAC

    If Bruno got him a horn and rhythm section he'd come close. Too many synthesizers and drum machines.
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  9. In_The_662

    In_The_662 Deeeeep In The Delta.....

    Much like in the hip hop game/rap game, he's competing against no one. He's good for what he is but he's average at best when compared to popular funk bands from the 70s and 80s

    I will give him credit for being a pop artist who has blown up off that sound over a pop/R&B artist who sings over trap beats. Those songs really don't have any staying power at all
  10. BulldogM.Ed.23

    BulldogM.Ed.23 Bulldog Fan/Supporter

    Make my funk the P.Funk, I want my funk uncut
    Make my funk the P.Funk, I wants to get funked up
    I want the bomb, I want the P.Funk, don't want my funk stepped on
    Make my funk the P.Funk before I take it home

    You know reading this thread and thinking about those lyrics above that I understand more clearly than the 4 year old that I was when it came out reminds me just how creative George and them was. I know they used to get __ucked up as he would say but look at us in this thread. It's exactly like we are (funk) dope heads/heroin (funk) addicts and the stuff that they are putting out now ain't itsht. That Bruno Mars is that stepped down itsht that the Barksdale Crew is putting out. Now tell ya'll what! Check out that Childish Gambino, "Awaken My Love!" If you haven't peeped it, that's that pure itsht with George Clinton's stamp of approval. It sounds like it came "straight outta the boat" as Prop Joe would say.
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  11. Bewildered

    Bewildered Well-Known Member

    This is BULLSHAT!!!!! :mad:

    I accidentally turned the radio on while changing memory cards to listen to GREAT music from the 1970s and that bruno mars bullshat was on! Pissed me the F off mane! :p
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  12. tigertrail

    tigertrail Well-Known Member

    It's called times change. Ain't nothin' wrong with Bruno Mars and I'm REAL ol' school. Got some nice tunes and good music behind it. I don't recall him coming out and saying he was "funk". He is what he is. I'd much rather listen to him than some of this other garbage(Tre Songz) and other wanna be so called singers out there singing about the SAME OL' SHAT every song, "girl I'll beat it up, I'll buy you some Rosey or whatever it is, girl I'll wear you out, girl we'll fly in my G-6t(that they don't have), etc. Bruno a'ight wit me.
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  13. MACKG


    I heard an album by Psychic Mirrors...Nature Of Evil...it sounded like some 80s Funk...electronic...keyboards....check em out.
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  14. PsychoJag

    PsychoJag We Run The SWAC

    Bruno just set the Grammy's off!!
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  15. number1

    number1 Well-Known Member

    Y'all playing, but I've just heard a Katy Perry song and Britney Spears song that is jammin'.lol
  16. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Like I said earlier. Bruno is the best of his generation so far! He got it in his soul.
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  17. bernard

    bernard ^Your Brain On Drugs!

    Bruno ain't there yet, his stage presence needs some work. I wish Rick James or Prince were alive, they could give Bruno some pointers.
  18. BulldogM.Ed.23

    BulldogM.Ed.23 Bulldog Fan/Supporter

    I have to admit that I was impressed. I had no idea he could actually play guitar and play it the way he did. He is still not in my top 50 funkateers list but he won more respect from me with that Prince tribute.

    Talked to a white co-worker this morning who loves Black Music. He agreed what I was already thinking that what Bruno did in that first performance was straight out of a Gap Band or Zapp concert.
  19. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    No one would dare compare him to Prince or Rick. That was the gist of this thread. Me and BW/Panthro was saying there are none of these cats that can compare to the old school musicians and funkateers etc. Those cats were on other stuff. 70s and 80s spoiled us. Mostly the bands from the 70s were deep before technology changed the music game and you didn't have these huge bands. Two me, the last real bands were Toni, Tony, Tone (Original 6 members) and Mint Condition. Those 2 bands could play and sing. Had true musicians in their groups. Bruno at least has tried to do something that many of his generation either has no interest in doing or can't do. You got a few white groups that are serious musicians that came along in the 2000s like Maroon 5. But the heavy thumping of funk and slamming R & B will never match the Prince's or Rick James. Hell not even the Brothers Johnson, Cameo, Con Funk Shun, Gap Band, Lakeside, Roger and Zapp to The Time with that Minneapolis Sound. The list goes on. LOL.
  20. BulldogM.Ed.23

    BulldogM.Ed.23 Bulldog Fan/Supporter

    Something that you don't see anymore and probably won't but was common if you grew up in the 70s and early 80s and that is garage bands and talent shows. It was nothing to go on a street during this time period and hear a band jamming in a garage playing the latest songs and competing against rivals in talent shows. With all of this technology, it will never be like that again. You still will have artists to try to authentically recreate the sound (Neo-Soul Movement) but it will never be like it once was.

    I love hearing over and over again Jam, Lewis, and others talking about their days from school, upward bound, and in various bands competing then playing with each other. 9 times out of 10 most bands that made it were the best of the best musicians that came together and did their thing.
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  21. Bewildered

    Bewildered Well-Known Member

    This post ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is a HOF post!!!!!! JR, it's no accident that we ended up in Ohio for a stint post-undergrad and we understand what/how important Ohio is to funk.

    I was very, VERY spoiled as a youngsa'. My youngest paternal uncle played w/ The Stylistics, The Spinners, Kool & The Gang, a brief stint w/ Slave (met Mr Adams - bassist :) ), and was some type of staffer/producer for the old Teaneck records after he stopped touring w/ those groups so I felt like I was in Jersey when I'd never visited as a youngster just listening to his stories and talks w/ dudes that flew in and out of Htown in the 1970s/1980s during their sessions @ the big-house (granny's house). It was amazing to see someone capable of playing every single instrument known to man and do it quite well.

    I'm not selfish anymore so I have to share this lol. I tried to share it last year because I wanted to hear an HBCU band play it.

  22. The Founder

    The Founder Well-Known Member

    BeWeZ there is no reason to be mad. These kids these days are only trying to what they can. They have no idea of how to truly create their own sound etc....
  23. Bewildered

    Bewildered Well-Known Member

    He's tryna' bite, Found. And in biting, he's exposing our subculture to those "other folks." :( Pisses me, mane.
  24. the band fan

    the band fan Baseball Fan

    he does something no one else is doing and he has "crossover appeal" so that helps unfortunately

    a black kid doing the same thing may not get as far as he;ll be compated to the greats but since Mars isn't black and people associate Funk with "us" he gets more attention

    kind like Justin Beiber...there are thousands of black kids who can do him or better but since he's Caucasian and "decent" in a black genre, he'll steal all the attention from mainstream media

    same as a white rapper

    now, when blacks try to crossover into country, etc., they don't get that same appeal from the masses
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  25. Kenn Rashad

    Kenn Rashad Person In Charge Staff Member

    I will say this much about lil Bruno...the kid has talent. He is legit. And while he may be producing "cheezy" funk. At least he respects "the funk".

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