Transfer Portal 3

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Cushnie was one of our starters. Apparently, he is not impressed that Mathis came from A&M.

I am also looking for some others to go into the portal.

Yea I've seen the hoopla about him on Facebook. Didn't pay attention to anyone on your defense. That is one area Maynor should definitely be focused on over the summer.


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Huge loss; however, he has earned his degree and we must be proud of his accomplishments and supportive of his dreams and desires. Thank you for your contribution to the AAMU Football program.


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I think we have to see who we get at OC before we can see if we can nab a QB or 2 from the portal to fit their system

Not as if there is a shortage lol but I still think a lot of FBS (and especially FCS) players are either gonna be D2 or not playing football next year due to waiting on that FBS offer to come and it ain't coming. And those FCS slots are gonna dry up by mid-June. See it happen every year at Valley (right now 2-3 FBS transfer QBs are sitting on offers and it's gonna cost them)


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Remember i said if TSU gets it O line and Quarterback positions straightened out we will ruin a lot of homecoming games this season.
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