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I have mixed feelings about the new OC... that’s all I’ll say here.... everything else on paper looks good.
We have another addition to the staff coming WR/Passing game coordinator. No concerns here.

Coach Flea RB coach was OC at Bowie state
Coach Markuson OL coach was OC at Ole Miss
TC Taylor TE coach was OC at Nccu
Current OC has been OC in the highschool ranks (as well as head coach)
Coach Prime has been OC at trinity for about 3 years

Offensively we are in good hands

Markuson is a gem. Trench work matters
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Interesting at the OC vs TC Taylor, already proven at this level.

Unfortunately he doesn't know TC's coaching style like that. He can't put his own child's potential NFL future into the hands of someone he doesn't know professionally yet (system wise). The WR/ Passing game coordinator will more than make up any shortcomings we may think the new OC has. We have a lot of former OCs on that side of the ball.


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You went to Prairie View - who does that resemble that was dumped to a TE coach despite having success with offense? Eventually they saw the writing on the wall

Even the other guy is now a recruiting coordinator and off the field

Yeh. :( Still haunting us, considering. That "PV-"homeboy hook-up bull is for the birds when it comes to proven vs unproven.. Especially w/ someone PV who is credentialed and VERY proven. smh
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