Jackson State University Sonic Boom of the South (2021-2022)


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They need to get 300 to blend and not fight between sections. My expectations is that by Houston/famu game little will have them on point… also mess ups like the show mess up need to be a merge 1 and done deal. Can’t mess up a staple everyone knows. Excited for the upcoming season.


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They'll be fine. There is so much to learn in a short period of time, the music is much harder today, and they're living in trying times. Even at that, some of the stuff they're doing people sleep on, big time. Like the beginning of "My Life" at 1:15:20. Don't take for granted what these young people are doing and the level they're on. If you try being in the band today, you'll see how accomplished one has to be. Luv da Boom, Baby!


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"One Band, One Sound!"


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The U’ssss sound awesome. They are on the top of things that are Written!!!!
20th Century Fox in HD.
“Way Da Go”
I think this program will be a very Aggressive Program. Somebody is in Trouble and you know who you are.
No Comment. “Let’s go get it Boom” that Azzzz.

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Casual clothing brand Dockers ‘Recognizes’ Little in inspirational storytelling series​

Dr. Roderick Little, director of bands at JSU, is currently featured in the Dockers brand storytelling series “Recognize.” Launched in honor of Black History Month, and extending beyond, Recognize is “about celebrating inspiring community members, contributors and influencers making a difference with their distinct perspectives, style and commitment to finding purpose in their passions.”

As one of the youngest directors of bands in JSU’s history, Little appealed to Dockers due to his contributions to the Sonic Boom of the South and his personal story, according to Will Freeman, project manager.

The business casual clothing leader wanted to know more about Little’s approach to fostering genuine relationships with his students and the importance of youth exploring the musical arts in the Black community.

Little explained that his participation stemmed from the desire to promote his students, the Boom and JSU, through the lens of the HBCU band experience.



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Absolutely Fantastic Field Show; now let's drop some J Wonn "We Gone Party" on Tenn. State"
"Move it to the left and Move it to the right" etc. This really will ROCK DA HOUSE during halftime.