Jackson State University Sonic Boom of the South (2016-2017)

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  1. Blu Bengal

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    Every summer, the Sonic Boom of The South Percussion Section holds a clinic with The Master's Touch All-Star Drumline. Mr. Calvin Berry, a Jackson State Alum, is the director of this program. He teaches private lessons to students of all ages in LaPlace, Louisiana. The purpose of this clinic is to help develop young percussive minds through discipline, & music.

    Clinicians: Ousman Camara, William Bradford, Justin Sherrod, Juan Cloy, Christian Cone, Terrell Rayford, & Jaquarius Lewis.
  2. Blu Bengal

    Blu Bengal Active Member

    The Sonic Boom of the South is so good, its in the NCAA Hall of Fame!


  3. JSU Alum

    JSU Alum Active Member

    The reason they have four Drum Majors is, the Head Drum Major from last year didn't make the cut this year?
  4. TBone2

    TBone2 Boom 84-88

    If he didn't; we have a spot for him somewhere else because we are not "POLITICAL".
  5. a JSU Tiger

    a JSU Tiger Active Member

    It wasn't anything political about it, Little selected the best four!
  6. Jsu Sonic Boom

    Jsu Sonic Boom Active Member

    He should feel really bad because he was the head drum major last year
  7. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    Actually, I thought the HDM was a lil over the top last year but there is absolutely no way you go from being HDM to not even making the cut a few months later. There is more to the story.... and maybe, just maybe Little only chose 4 to save his spot once he gets his act together.

    We should have a J5... nothing more, nothing less.
  8. Jsu Sonic Boom

    Jsu Sonic Boom Active Member

    I agree he did to much, but last year I thought their entrances were waay too much.
  9. Blu Bengal

    Blu Bengal Active Member

    The Prancing J-Settes will be celebrating 45 years at JSU's Homecoming this year!



  10. Blu Bengal

    Blu Bengal Active Member


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  11. Deerpark Tiger

    Deerpark Tiger 135 years of Excellence!

    Congratulations to the Dance team that almost every HBCU dance team has copied.
  12. bernard

    bernard ^Your Brain On Drugs!

    Unlike another squad, I unequivocally can say "I've never seen a fat J-Sette."
  13. tigertrail

    tigertrail Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, I have to agree with him on this. I'm old school. I still like 'em but it's because too much of a dance troupe more so than drum majors. Too much movement............kinda like Usher. LOL
  14. JayRob

    JayRob TigaPaw

    That's why folks watch them and focus on them. The BOOM is a show band, not a typical White oriented-type band.
    JSU's drum majors are far better and more exciting to watch than one back bend.
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  15. tigertrail

    tigertrail Well-Known Member

    I agree, more exciting to watch. I'm fine with them..........but I'm a little old school.........sometimes it can be a tad much for me. I could use less pelvic thrusts/grinding. But still they're exciting.
  16. Jsu Sonic Boom

    Jsu Sonic Boom Active Member

    Jsu in Vegas

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  17. Blu Bengal

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  18. sop83

    sop83 Kappa Alpha Psi

    Mr. Sanford has taken a lot of hits from JSU supporters. But we should give credit when due. He has successfully secured game day instruments for the entire band. From piccolos to tubas. Students will use their own during practices. I'd heard about this Bing in the works but honestly thought with the budget cuts it was put off. This will help with intonation. Big ups to him.
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  19. JaySBlue

    JaySBlue #1SchoolPeriod

    You right man. Sanford been doin his thang as BD. Can't knock that at all.
  20. Jimmyoliver

    Jimmyoliver Well-Known Member

    Does anybody have knowledge of big or small the boom will be this year. Just curious
  21. sop1983

    sop1983 Smiley

    They have a small freshman class because there's almost 300 upperclassmen returning this mrn. They were really young last year and they will be at or slightly larger than last year. Will bottom out around 330-340!
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  22. Jimmyoliver

    Jimmyoliver Well-Known Member

    Thanks. That's what I knew but some boy who play n da band told me last night they were gone be little round 230. He had my blood pressure up all night. Lol
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  23. sop1983

    sop1983 Smiley

    Lol! He is way off!
  24. Jimmyoliver

    Jimmyoliver Well-Known Member

    Yea dats Wat I said. I was like how hell we go from 337 to 230 with all the recruiting we've done . And Myers definently makes sure the boom has a few dollars for schollys so I know he was on bs but I needed some confirmation lol I was upset all night as much shit I been talkn to these other SWAC schools lol
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  25. sop1983

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    I was upset Sat when i saw how small our freshmen class was until they made me realize that there are 290 upperclassmen returning as well as some juniors that didn't march last year. We also have 2 transfers from Tenn State(btone player and a tuba player.)
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