Deion Sanders and JSU's New Beginning

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Typical groupies. You want to know so you can meet them at the airport huh?
Let me find out you out there posted up fan-boying.
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No SWAC team is going to travel for 13 hours on a bus. huh?
They have done it historically bro! Most of our schools have made some long drives for games at some point.. Hell just 2.5 years ago Texas Southern made the bus drive to Marietta, GA for the game against Kennesaw State.

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More than likely, it's a chartered plane. We do them at PV for the games in Alabama and we did it when we played UNLV & in the Swac/Meac Challenge a few years back. Ashley is familiar with doing it and is doing it for this game.
Shouldn't they have put this in their budget as a line item for the football team and their traveling expenses for the season?