20-21 SWAC OOC Basketball

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We played Gonzaga once before when they were ranked #1 in the nation. We almost beat them, losing by only 5 or 6 points. The competition Gonzaga plays against in the Mountain West Conference is not as good as SU. I doubt if the Zags are as good as Iowa!

Come out the “pass,” Mr Earle. This isn’t SU of old and those ghosts of former SU will not help you all against a remarkably loaded and talented zags squad. They are a legit #1.

I hope SU learns from the game and relishes in the opportunity to play against a well coached, disciplined & talented team.


Southern U. Lady Jags 51
Kansas State 66
Depth killed S.U. in the 4th Qtr.....Free throws can use improvement at one point late in the game we were at 25% at the charity stripe.

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Big win after falling behind by 21 in the first half. Beating freshman Marcus Williams from the greater Houston area (Dickinson) who wouldn’t give Texas Southern the time of day.

Worst case he follows his brother but they said he was going to Northern Colorado of all places. Regardless feels good to beat those teams with the local players.

Watching that game they could’ve hung it up but the Weatherman kept bringing the heat

TCU is the very personal one if you do a roster check lol
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