Ukraine War

The Ukraine said "Fuck Yall." Literally.....LMAO!!!!!

“We will destroy our neighbor and rebuild entire cities and industries,” in the largest rebuilding effort since the World War II, he pledged. Zelensky also outlined a plan which will offer companies to take “patronage” of rebuilding different areas in Ukraine.


Then he will join NATO.

How much money was set aside for Jackson, Mississippi? Boy, I thought this administration really had black peoples' back.

How much money was set aside for Jackson, Mississippi? Boy, I thought this administration really had black peoples' back.
Stop the ignorance fool. The Republican governor sent the money back from the infrastructure bill. I'm sick and tired of you uneducated morons telling lies.
Stop the ignorance. The president going any where hinders the process. He doesn't need to be there. It stops progress. The time it takes to set up security and stuff stops the progress. I will not allow you to push lies.

The first incident happened in January of 2021. He could've called Executive action on the spot. Buy, he waiting until the situation worsen.
How many black staff members did Donald Trump, Mitchell McConnell and Kay Ivey have totalled? They didn't or don't have more than 5 totalled
15 under Trump. Only 2 or 3 remained when he left the White House. One is still there under Veteran Affairs. The rest all left at various times and some had a scandal or two while there.

Kay Ivy had 10 and only 1 was a black male.

Gregg Abbot Governor of Texas-0.

Not one black person who left under Biden did so under a scandal.

Part of the reason some of those folks leave is because of conflicts of interest. There are some things you can not do while serving in certain positions. As that article from BET says-PAY was also an issue.

Funny where was BET and others for all those black staffers under Trump that left?

Why is it an issue NOW?? Why under Democrats this is an issue?
Flights were full and the queues to get into Finland out of Russia are amazing.

Long queues forming at Russian border as men flee to avoid Ukraine war call-up​

Queues have sprung up along Russia’s border as men attempt to leave the country to avoid a military call-up for the war in Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin announced a partial military mobilisation on Wednesday with 300,000 reservists summoned to serve in the war.

On the border with Georgia, miles-long queues of vehicles have formed including men trying to escape the war.

One man, who did not want to be named, told the BBC he had grabbed his passport and headed to the border, without packing anything else, immediately after President’ Putin’s announcement - because he fell into the group that could potentially be sent to the war.

Some witnesses estimated the queue of cars at the Upper Lars checkpoint to be some 5km (3 miles) long, while another group said it had taken seven hours to get across the border. Video from the scene showed some drivers leaving their cars or trucks temporarily in standstill traffic.

Georgia is one of the few neighbouring countries that Russians can enter without needing a apply for a visa. Finland, which shares a 1,300km (800 mile) border with Russia, does require a visa for travel, and also reported an increase in traffic overnight.

Airline tickets to Istanbul, Belgrade or Dubai , which have not banned Russian flights, saw ticket prices soar immediately after the military call-up was announced. Meanwhile flights to non-visa destinations can cost thousands of euros.

Germany’s interior minister indicated on Thursday that Russians fleeing the draft would be welcome in her country.

Well, this definitely hasn't turned out the way Russia planned. Interested in seeing what will happen should this all end and Ukraine actually able to stand completely alone.
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Putin’s Dueling Foot Soldiers Are Now Apparently Killing Each Other Off

While Ukraine’s military has been successfully chasing Russian troops out of one territory after another, Vladimir Putin’s foot soldiers have apparently been turning their weapons on each other as the Russian leader’s “special military operation” continues to come apart at the seams in spectacular fashion.

The Kremlin’s flailing bid to get an edge on the battlefield by deploying mercenaries from the Wagner Group—which now includes hundreds of prison inmates—has reportedly backfired as the private military force butts heads with the Russian military.

The growing conflict resulted in a Wagner fighter gunning down a lieutenant colonel in the Russian army—a deadly episode of “friendly fire” that the Kremlin is said to be trying to sweep under the rug, according to the human rights group

“They are trying to hush up the incident and prevent publicity. And this is not the first emergency of its kind,” the group quoted a source as telling the hotline.

The incident was also reported by two other Russian Telegram channels, though no details were provided on when or where the shooting is said to have taken place.
A Russian war correspondent admitted on state TV that Ukraine is winning back Kherson territory

A Russian journalist admitted on state TV that Ukrainian forces are making gains in the south.
Such confessions are rare in Russian state media, which is dominated by Kremlin propagandists.
US officials say Ukraine has made significant advances in the southern Kherson region.
A prominent Russian journalist delivered a rare confession on state TV, admitting that Ukrainian forces are liberating territory in the southern Kherson region.

"In the Kherson region, we have lost 17 settlements," war correspondent Alexander Sladkov said Tuesday, according to a CNN report.

"This doesn't mean that we've collapsed like a house of cards. These mistakes aren't gigantic strategic failures. We are still learning," he continued, according to the report. "I know this is hard to hear in our eighth month of the special operation. But we are reporters. We are waiting for reinforcements."

Putin’s Own Allies Turn On Him as Ukraine Unleashes Hell in Stolen Russian Tanks​

Hot on the heels of embarrassing reports of Russian recruits fighting each other and Moscow loyalists calling for Kremlin ministers to kill themselves, it seems the rage against Vladimir Putin’s handling of his invasion of Ukraine is now openly being conveyed to the man himself by members of his own inner circle.

A report Friday—which is Putin’s 70th birthday—said that one of the despot’s closest allies had openly challenged the disastrous way the war was being conducted. The landmark challenge was even significant enough to be included in U.S. President Joe Biden’s daily intelligence briefing, according to anonymous officials cited by the Washington Post.

Although the individual who voiced the dissent was not identified, their discontent was said to center around mistakes being made by those directing the “special military operation” in Ukraine.