Time for TigerPride and the Rest of the Jardashians to Return


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@Herbert77060 .....ummmm I don't need help.

Someone need to help yo ass off this page and back to the kitchen. Who's your sponsor?

The Founder

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Founder, go ahead and admit.. you know JSU about to whoop the G off Gramberling in Jacktown!

About time you respond. I was getting bored with piccolo player. Look you said the same thing the last three times we whooped your ass. Can you please for all that’s is good say something else. I mean how many times do you have to go to the same chick and get burnt until you realize it just ain’t worth the pain!!!!!

I would have more respect for your lame smacking self if you waited until JSU beats GSU to smack.

Wait that would be a long time......carry on.