(Now) 5 Star RB Branson Robinson lists his final choices


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Secure the bag, Alcorn St! Good luck with it.
Man, that bag is gone. They better go find an envelope to secure.

Here, I'll help them out:



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So that really does happen? Because you are not the first person I have heard say that.

Got it. But again, who are these people??

It is based off offers in a nutshell.

So let's say for example that a prospect receives 15 offers and most are from the P5 elite (Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, etc). Most likely that prospect will get a 4-5 star ranking

A prospect that has like 10 D1 offers but 1-2 are P5 and 3-4 are G5 most like will only get a 2-3 rating

I have seen personally a RB who signed with us lose a star from 247 after being offered by us while sitting on an offer from South Carolina so it definitely happens. Another was a 3 star who originally committed to Cincy but ultimately signed with USM. By the time he transferred to Valley before the 2019 season started, 247 had taken him off the site completely smh