NCAA Transfer Portal - Part 2

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True! And many times, the 2 star player out plays the 4 to 5 star player!
The stars are worthless if you ask me. I witnessed my son in 10th grade (last season) treat a 5 star LSU DL recruit from Ferriday like he was pure shit. The dude got ZERO sacks and ZERO tackles that game. I watched the dude's highlights and he had none from that game.


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Or somebody offered a starting position if he transfers.
Well, if that is true, he better keep in mind, that he might not be the only one that starting position have been offered to. He still may have to compete for it. But hey, he has to do what he thinks is best for him.


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University of Houston quarterback D’Eriq King announced Monday night that he plans to enter the transfer portal.
“I think it’s best for me and my family,” King wrote on Twitter.
I guess Ferttita didn't come thru with that package for his folks during the holidays...... LOL