Jon Gruden Apologizes For Racist Email That Mocked Black Union Leader's Lips


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This is an interesting take. Gruden seemed to love confrontation more than most. While he talked about Bobby Knight, there were of course other names mentioned including Knight's teacher at Ohio State Woody Hayes. I passionately hated Hayes and Knight, but Hayes showed a "softer" side after being fired by his former player and assistant coach who was the then athletic director. (Hayes would not quit.) I could be wrong on that "softer" side.

I think that Jon Gruden the head coach was hurt by Jon Gruden the director of player personnel.



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I was just joking this about this guy and Gruden said it and got fired. Gruden needs a homie pass for this....lmao... He does have some soup coolers...


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Well, we knew this was coming. Gruden is about to get paid a very very good settlement because unless I'm very very wrong, there is something in those emails that the NFL does not want the public to see. I am not defending Gruden at all but he was just the perfect scapegoat for whatever is being hidden.



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It's clear that the Raiders and the NFL coordinated to get Gruden out of the league but this might come back to bite them as Gruden could burn the league down if the rest of those emails get out. Gruden clearly ain't the only one that uses that type of language towards black players/personnel