Jon Gruden Apologizes For Racist Email That Mocked Black Union Leader's Lips

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Gruden apologized for his “insensitive remarks” when asked about the decade-old emails following the Raiders’ 20-9 loss to the Chicago Bears. A Wall Street Journal story last week noted that Gruden, then working for ESPN, referred in a racist way to Smith’s facial features in an email.

“I’m not a racist,” Gruden said. “I can’t tell you how sick I am. I apologize again to D Smith, but I feel good about who I am and what I’ve done my entire life. ... I had no racial intention with those remarks at all. I’m not like that at all. I apologize. I don’t want to keep addressing it.”

Gruden ended his news conference after a series of questions about the emails and his behavior. He said he has not been contacted by the NFL about the remark, but “we’ll see what happens here in the next few days.”

“I’m not going to answer all these questions today,” Gruden said. “I think I’ve addressed it already. I can’t remember a lot of the things that transpired 10 or 12 years ago, but I stand here in front of everybody apologizing. I know I don’t have an ounce of racism in me. I’m a guy that takes pride in leading people together, and I’ll continue to do that for the rest of my life.”


Listen up maggots! And that's an order!
So what they gonna do? Penalize him for something he did prior to being the Raiders coach?

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It is I...Yes it is...


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If the news about the e-mails were not released, this commentary and the information about it would have gotten more traction. Not everyone was happy about Smith's tenure at the NFLPA.

Still, leaving was the only move Gruden could make.


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I really hope black people don't start crying about this situation. Because, it's too late to prove a point.


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So... Jon... you were staring at his lips?
If our lips are so big, why are white women getting lip injections. A woman with no lips is not attractive.

They ridicule us for being darker than them, but yet they are out there getting tans.

We as Blacks need to understand that we have features they envy. Since they don't have them, they want to ridicule ours.