Deshaun Watson


I'm sick and disgusted by all of this. Never been a huge fan of the hometown team based on the ownership and I'm close to renouncing my fandom permanently.


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I feel this is a set up. Professional sports is nasty, especially with all that money flowing. Amazing that all are just coming out. If any true, maybe he got bored. But, I feel, if I was in his shoes, I would have had a massage room set up in my own home, and have the ladies come there. It's not like he is married. or, if not wanting in his home where he sleeps, had an apartment or something set up to play in. Have not been a fan of my hometown team, since they let the Oilers leave over stadium BS. They still ended up building a new stadium.


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I agree with Bewildered I’m not letting some chicks mess up my money. Also why is it some many ladies in the same line of work. I hope it’s not true but he has a pattern.
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We have got to school these young brothers (those with and without fat contracts and a bazillion $$$$ in the bank) that ; although they can suck a golf ball through a garden hose.........leave them dayum snowflakes ALONE!!!! They are after one thing your money and your reputation???

Oh yeah they want some kids by you so they can keep getting them $$$$$ for years to come.


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Its a setup and we all know it but Me Too got everybody so shook to say something against an obvious shake down! Media is complicit because they will not call it out. We all know the ends people will go to for fame, fortune and the promise of power. All of those allegations sound fishy!


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I think it's a setup also.... But it's a very good one, and it's gunna stick to him like glue....

This ain't a case of "He said, she said". It's more like "He said, she said and then she said, along with another dozen she's".

Yall know what they say..... Puddin is undefeated... And the 'grand champeeen' of the World.....

Deshaun might end-up like Roberto Duran..... No Mas.....


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Why didn't anyone go after him before? Why now all of a sudden? Knowing the lawyer who is pushing this there is more behind the scenes

they say he barely talks when your with him so that what makes this crazy


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1. Let it play out
2. I'm an attorney and very familiar with Mr Watson's attorney and the one filing for the plaintiffs. I've read their biggest cases, too. Let it all play out.
3. I support Me Too. It happened to my sister, my Aunt, and two cousins at their place of employment. My sister was threatened, too. This ain't about Me's about following the money and the motive unless there's proof to preponderance of the evidence that Mr Watson is dead wrong for what he does IF he did it.


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You have 1-2yrs in Texas to sue depending on what you sue for. If DTPA then 4yrs. Criminal, the statute of limitations is longer for things like murder, sexual assault, robbery, burglary...

As an attorney you don't always "sue" immediately. You get your evidence...or bluff it...and threaten it to get a settlement and keep all sides out of court.