Delta State vs Jackson State Game Thread: 2:00pm CT

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We got cameras everywhere. 😂 seriously we need to provide a better and more professional production since people are spending money to watch. Hopefully it will come with time…
spending money? I'm watching on youtube for free. y'all might need to sue some folks. couple of different youtube streams. the first one was some dudes doing their own commentary on the game. switched to one without them.
Delta State thought they would go up there and get some publicity off Coach Prime name. Tell them to come down the highway and play Valley since they want to be all in the videos. We can work out a Green & White classic.

We play them in 2022 and 2023. Guarantee one will be in Jackson. If we can draw at least 15k tomorrow, it's almost a guarantee since DSU thinks they're better than us and they won't beg for JSU after today lol
Man!!! Naw he ain't. That boy falls down whenever the opponents wind gets close. The opponent's shadows fall on him, he falls down. No strength to break tackles, no evasiveness, just short, small, and weak.
That man is killing em on kickoff and has been picking up first downs lol
That man is killing em on kickoff and has been picking up first downs lol
I'm talking touching the guy and he falls down like:
Some things NEVER change! Announcer always tries to Fire the crowd up when we're threatening near the goal line! 🤣
So this staff thought they could put in third string like we are world beaters. Doing all of this experimenting and crap. We are playing like we can just go out there and teams will lay down. This is shameful.
I almost went to JSU. The Alcorn scholarship meant I only had to keep a 3.25. JSU scholarship meant I'd have to maintain a 3.5... so Alcorn it was!
I wanted to go to JSU or MSU. Jackson only offered me 1/2 scholarship, Alcorn full, plus my father (Rust college grad) was strongly against me going to Alcorn and grandfather strongly against and pushing Alcorn. ( I didn't know till I enrolled that my grandfather had degree from Alcorn, but he had 4 degrees and always was talking about Rust). All my father said was Jackson would not be good for me. Anyway, got to Alcorn and saw dem women, especially from the Delta and said hmm, I may stay. A few years after graduating, and my father passing, my Uncle told me why my father was against me going to JSU. Summary, he went on basketball scholarship, 5 months later he had a baby, marriage, annulment, and father picking him up and taking him to Rust College. LOL.
No wonder why my father told me I would get in trouble in Jackson. He did.
JSU as a team lacks that blood in the water mentality… we’ll let you hang around smh….
I’m embarrassed. Don’t even talk about injuries when you know good and well you rested a lot of starters out of disrespect of your opponent. I want an explanation for how we look. No urgency.
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