Covid 19- HBCUS Enrollments FALL 2020


Dr. Ruth Simmons is a jewel ... PV is so lucky to have her. Everything about PVAMU has improved since her taking office.

TSU is falling further behind without permanent leadership. At first I was upset Dr. Lane was forced out but I later realized it was for the best because he wasn't ambitious enough. We need someone who clearly states they want TSU to be a top institution ... he never said that and didn't really seem like it was happening outside of our campus looking more top tier. Dr. Simmons is showing us she wants PVAMU at the top.

He said as much during the 2016 National Alumni Homecoming Meeting. Cooperation is essential for presidents to be successful. Dr. Simmons is getting that from the TAMU system regents, but Dr. Lane did not from ours. If the next one doesn't it will be more of the same regardless of his or her stated goals.