Alcorn State vs Arkansas-Pine Bluff Game Thread: 630pm CT


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Woah, I went to sleep at halftime thinking PB had this. Everybody was going in and I mean everybody was going in on Alcorn.....

........but now I wake up, check the final score and see this. Wow!

Looks like I missed a great game.


yea, you should’ve stayed up a little bit longer lol it was wild man. I knew it was about to go down once Alcorn scored one particular TD & the camera caught McNair smirking. I said… whelp!!! Buckle up! 😂


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This guy showed proof that we play down to our level of competition in the SWAC. There was no way Alcorn should have won this game, especially with all of the momentum they generated in the before the half.

In games like this, when you are up 3 TD's, just line up and run the ball, with play-action and screens to burn time off the clock. Plus you tire out the opposing team's defense which makes them susceptible for the big play!

Just finish the damn job!


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All those going for two points instead of the extra kick is what did it. They tried for the two point conversion twice. That's the two points that would have won it for them
Well, I guess it's like the man said:
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Man Doc just handed the dayum game to Alcorn. I mean dude really.... TAKE THE POINTS, all that other shyt keep it. Points!!!!!!!!!! Points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DC you too have some explaining to do. Not one time did you change the coverage and they burnt that ass..... SMDH