1979 Zeta Nu KKPSI Flashback: Revelation

Discussion in 'The Band Board' started by ChicagoJag, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. ChicagoJag

    ChicagoJag Member

    In the spirit of "KKPsi Flashbacks", I thought this might be good for some laughs. If I recall correctly, this picture was taken after church -- about a week into our pledge period. That would be February of 1979 ... a long, long time ago.

    Kappa Kappa Psi, Zeta Nu Chapter
    "Revelation" - Initiated March 17, 1979


    From Right to left ...

    1) Michael "Orbit" Greer (RIP)
    X) Edward Green (Dropped)
    2) Gordon Johnson
    3) Mark "Mudd" Hopkins
    4) Not pictured: Treandous Mondy
    5) Brandon "Cognac" Jarrett
    6) Not Pictured: Henry "Jethro Bodine" Lee
    7) Derrick Warren
    8) Bernard "Pillsbury" Bryant
    9) Bobby Ross
    10) Darrell "Darth Vader" Emanuel
    11) Dwayne "Cylon" Dixon
    12) Not pictured: Gregory "Iron Man" Harrell

    Kneeling: Big Brother Darrell "Kool Breeze" Saulsby (DP)
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  2. yvette23

    yvette23 New Member

    LOVE IT!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :tup:

    That was 7 days after my 6th birthday. :lol: :tup:

  3. Big Thunder

    Big Thunder It's The Principalities!!

    Ah, Frat? Y'all were some bell bottom and vest wearing blue notes, huh?

    That's that doggoned "Gangsta PSI"!
  4. Big Thunder

    Big Thunder It's The Principalities!!

    Wow! I just took another look; Big Bruh "Orbit" was sportin that maxi-coat...:tup:
  5. ChicagoJag

    ChicagoJag Member

    No -- I named the names from right to left ... "Orbit" Was Mike Greer -- #1 on the line
  6. Seeing Spots

    Seeing Spots Joyful Woman!

    Chicago Jag,

    I was a junior Spring 79 and I know Darrell, Kool Breeze! I recognize many of those dudes! My Jukes are Andrew "Lil Pete" Sanchez and his LBs. I have a photo of them when they did their probate show. Gotta search for it after the first of the year.

    Thanks for the memories! :tup:
  7. ChicagoJag

    ChicagoJag Member

    That's funny -- I didn't know you and I were Jags at the same time.

    I talk to Darrell ALL the time -- he's been in Detroit since he left SU. I am also in contact with Sanchez on a pretty regular basis. To this day, something in me always wants to call him "Big Brother Sanchez!"

    Small world!
  8. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Zeta Nu's official nickname. LOL. All them 70s cats were some cool mofos.

    You remember those Gangsta Psi shirts we would get made at the bookstore. Tiny would hook us up. That silk screen was first made back in the 70s.
  9. BIFF

    BIFF BEHOLD!!!!!!!!

  10. Seeing Spots

    Seeing Spots Joyful Woman!

    Sanchez is my classmate. We were at SU 1976 to 1980. I was Junior Class President and ran for SGA President the year Tony Norman won, 79-80. I was also friends with Leon Leaper and was on the Pan Hellenic Council that voted to allow your frat on campus. I'm an AKA.

    Yes indeed it is a small world! We have several classmates that live in the Chicago area...Shantley, Lesia, Bessie.
  11. JAG89


    I see you have RIP by Michael Greer's name. Was he from Chicago and played the clarinet? I didn't know he passed away. If that's the same person, him and my older brother were good friends.
  12. ChicagoJag

    ChicagoJag Member

    You have the right Michael Greer -- he went to CVS. I understand he's been gone for over 10 years now.
  13. ChicagoJag

    ChicagoJag Member

    Small world, indeed. I remember when Tony Norman ran for SGA. My KKY Frat Brother Ken Turner ran that same year also.

    Speaking of Leon Leaper, I was just hanging out with him. This past October, we celebrated the 30th Anniversary our chapter and Leaper came down. Check out the graphic below -- there's a VERY YOUNG Leon Leaper in that pic!

    We ran this as a full page ad in the Digest during Homecoming weekend.

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  14. JAG89


    I'll let my brother know. I didn't get to Southern until the fall of 83.
  15. Big Thunder

    Big Thunder It's The Principalities!!

    Well, in that case, you still got that coat...:D
  16. ChicagoJag

    ChicagoJag Member


    Yeah, I was about 75 lbs lighter when that picture was taken. Even if I still had it, it MIGHT fit on one of my legs! :D
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  17. CriTAUcal

    CriTAUcal Do Good; Good Follows

    I see I'm not the one who had their eye on that coat!
  18. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    I love to see photos of old school Frats!!

    Thanks CJag!! :tup:

    The second frat from the left is looking real serious!
  19. CriTAUcal

    CriTAUcal Do Good; Good Follows

    I wouldn't call him frat. It says he was dropped from the line.
  20. XHALE9802


    WOW!!! Ny yall was CLEAN AS HELL in that pic! :nod::clap: And this was Feb '79, that was a month before I was born. :scared: :)
  21. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    I'm going left to right. :)

    I believe ChicagoJag was naming right to left.
  22. CriTAUcal

    CriTAUcal Do Good; Good Follows

    Probably so. But I was just going by what you said on "second from left in the picture" and not order of height/line number.
  23. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    Okay Soror...you're confusing me now. :lol:

    Wouldn't the second from the left be #10 or #11 and not Edward Green(dropped)?

  24. CriTAUcal

    CriTAUcal Do Good; Good Follows

    Don't worry about it. :lol:
  25. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    Preciate it, because old school is sick with a headcold and not cogitating quite well today.....:lol:

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