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  1. Journalist

    The Great HBCU attendance debate ... who drew the most?

    The NCAA has readily-available attendance numbers for FBS, FCS, Division 2 and Division 3 from 2003-2018 — with no team breakdowns available for 2004. For those 15 seasons, only four schools led FCS HBCUs in attendance: Southern six times, Jackson State five times, Florida A&M three times and...
  2. Kenn Rashad

    Jackson State vs. Tennessee State: Game Updates - 6:00pm CT

    To listen to the Jackson State Broadcast: click here To listen to the Tennessee State Broadcast: Game Time: 6:00pm CT TV/Stream: To view live stats: click here Note to posters: Its OK to show support for your team, but please leave out the smack! The smack policy will be HEAVILY enforced...
  3. In_The_662

    5 SWAC schools with the most manageable schedules in 2016

  4. In_The_662

    2016 NFL Draft: HBCU Draftees

    Hargrave went to the Steelers in the 3rd round Ryan Smith (NCCU) goes in the 4th round to the Bucs Temarrick Hemingway (SCSU) goes in the 6th round to the Rams
  5. In_The_662

    MVSU 2016 Out of Conference Football Games Set

    One down, one to go...