1. Brave

    Alcorn State 2021 edition SOD & Golden Girls performance with Migos

    ESPN College GameDay performance - #Straightenin
  2. Brave

    Alcorn State 2020-2021

    Hey Alcorn fellow SWAC members and HBCU bands alike, you can check out The Sounds and some of your favorite tunes on our new website https://www.soundsofdynomite.com/ visit enjoy and share
  3. Brave

    Steve McNair the 1st Black Franchise QB

    I've always thought this about McNair given the gravity of his draft position and hype coming out of college, just didn't know how to really explain what he accomplished. IMO this is why he should be a HOF for the NFL. ---"His 13 years - including the year of the close call in the Super Bowl...
  4. THEESwacProphet

    2021 spring NCAA football season ?

    So caught this article yesterday below. They’re saying that due to the uncertainty timeline of Covid-19, spring ball canceled, and summer practices at risk .... they’re thinking about pushing football too spring vs the fall... from an HBCU stand point, that’s huge for homecoming engagement and...
  5. T

    Draftkings HBCU League

    There is a new league for HBCU alums/employees on Draftkings, for those that do partake in daily fantasy, wanted to pass it along: https://dkn.gs/r/-2eH6OLEMUiNmtEnjbMQ2A Join and you get alerts to contests as they are posted. Keep it in the HBCU fam!
  6. In_The_662

    Prairie View starts #BlackNationalAnthemChallenge

    I would like to see this take off because I remember when we HAD to know Lift Every Voice when I was younger. I admit I'd struggle with it now since it's been a while smh
  7. Brave

    Purple Reign - Influential Alcorn

    It's high time to acknowledge the benefits of having a successful Alcorn at the helm of the SWAC. Since 2012 things have been different in the lands of Lorman. Most Alcornites felt the change in the air during the culmination of the 2012 season. I can honestly say the 2012 Soul Bowl marked the...
  8. Brave

    Historic accounts of the First Ever SWAC (HBCU) 5th Quarter

    According to legend a SU bus was late, referees didn't allow for much play in a highly contested game. Thus when the directors exchanged pleasantries around halftime Dr. Greggs (SU) and Mr. Samuel Griffin (Alcorn) decided that after the game was the best time to battle. The game ended and the...