2013 NFC South Champions!

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by Nonchalant, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Nonchalant

    Nonchalant Hail, Hail To Thee...

    It's crazy here in Uptown Charlotte! :D

  2. Kendrick

    Kendrick Guantanamo Bae Staff Member

    The Panthers still have to beat Atlanta or have the Saints lose next week to clinch the division.

    But so happy for Cam. Has taken a lot of undeserved criticism the last two years.
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  3. Get Ready

    Get Ready Active Member

    Congrats to the Panthers....the best in the division
  4. Nonchalant

    Nonchalant Hail, Hail To Thee...

    Atlanta won't be a problem next week. I just may make that 3 hour drive down I-85 South.
  5. Get Ready

    Get Ready Active Member

    Actually Cam does suck. That defense wins games for Carolina. But it all counts
  6. Nonchalant

    Nonchalant Hail, Hail To Thee...

    Our defense definitely steps up when Cam and the offense are out of synch. We need a new OC.
  7. Psilent_rage

    Psilent_rage Member

    I only saw the last 23 sec of the game. I laughed while they reviewed the touchdown, folks here seemed like they were praying that he trapped the ball. I felt like I was the only person in the resturant rooting for the panthers. lol
  8. Get Ready

    Get Ready Active Member

    I think you need a new qb. Go in another direction. Carolina wins in spite if cam
  9. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    Poor Saints.....

  10. Psilent_rage

    Psilent_rage Member

    lol... The NFC road to the Super Bowl goes through Seattle and we all know how the saints fair when the go to the great pacific.... The get :slap: all over the field.
  11. JSU2000

    JSU2000 Member

    The Saints will win the division next week and have the first round off . The Saints ARE NOT losing at home next week to Tampa Bay.
  12. Nonchalant

    Nonchalant Hail, Hail To Thee...

    Really? I actually think Cam is an asset. It's our recurves who need an overhaul. LeFell drops more passes than anyone I've seen.

    Until Cam costs us a game, I'm cool with him as our QB.
  13. Nonchalant

    Nonchalant Hail, Hail To Thee...

    If the Panthers beat the Falcons next week, they'll win the division, regardless of what the Saints do.
  14. Get Ready

    Get Ready Active Member

    Ain't nothing like listening to BobbyHerbert on the radio after the saints lose
    ...that's entertainment
  15. EB

    EB Active Member

    Cam is not the problem. Steve Smith being hurt will be a problem.
  16. Nonchalant

    Nonchalant Hail, Hail To Thee...

    Yeah, Smitty is definitely an asset but I doubt he'll be missed next week. He'll be back in time for the playoffs.
  17. Fiyah

    Fiyah Administrator Staff Member

  18. Jag-BR

    Jag-BR Go Jags!!!!!!

    Fiyah I know I am or hell I hope TB beat the Saints. The Saints fans shouldn't say anything or counting any game as a W. Tampa Bay may give them a game.
  19. Psilent_rage

    Psilent_rage Member

    Jag-BR, as much as I would love for Tampa Bay to beat the Saints, I just don't see it happening. It will be a game but the bucs will lose. The past few weeks shows the pretty much the biggest weakness of the Saints, they are not the same team outside in the elements (the rams just played them tough). At home, they win going away.
  20. Psilent_rage

    Psilent_rage Member

    NAH, they won't do it... They may think it but it will not cross their lips... lol.

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