Why are so many people trying to board planes with guns lately


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The sad part is the brother is a convicted felon. He is going to be in the joint for life now.

I'm still trying to figure out how did he get away in that airport. It's not like the checkpoint is near the exits, you got to walk a bit to get to them in that airport. How was he able to grab at the gun in his bag when they were checking it. Shouldn't his bag have been pulled after the xray person saw it on the screen.


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I remember when Hosea Williams (a Georgia politician, MLK, Jr. lieutenant, and leader of the march on Bloody Sunday in Selma with John Lewis) got caught with one. Many of us did not act too surprised after a while because a lot of people get caught with guns and the cases are handled quietly. (They forgot to removed them before leaving for the airport.) A few years later Cowboy Coach Barry Switzer got caught with one. (He forgot to remove his.) The only reason I paid as much attention as I did to that case was because the Cowboys were making news off of the field. This latest one is not like the others.