What Web Browser do you use?


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I've notice that I've been having issues with Firefox over the last few months with it not responding and lagging on my laptop and my desktop. I really like the features that I have with it but it's getting worse and worse as I have to reboot my computers more and more. It's happening on the computers I use aI work also so it's not just contained to my personal computers. That's what make me think that it's getting worse as software altogether.


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Safari & Google Chrome for my mac...Google Chrome at work for my dell.....Haven't had any major issues in years now that I think about....


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Firefox for working on Panasonic PBX systems. Brave and Edge for general browsing. IE for surveillance cameras. Occasionally Google Chrome for general internet surfing.

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Depends on what I am doing.

For general research (shopping / travel / etc..) I use Vivaldi - with it set to delete all cookies when the browser closes, it helps keep my searches from following me.

Firefox and Chrome for business.