Valley and AAMU Should Be in an Independent Conference in the SWAC in Football


they upgraded from small time cheerleading to volleyball huh

Since 2014 AAMU’s record in fball vs JSU:
1. 2014: 4-8 overall, but beat JSU 25-14
2. 2015: 3-8 overall, but beat JSU 28-22
3. 2016: 4-7 overall, but beat JSU 27-20
4. 2017: 4-7 overall, lost to JSU 7-10
5. 2018: 6-5 overall and we beat JSU 21-16
6. 2019: 7-5 overall and we beat JSU 48-43

#s don’t lie, even when we suck, we can still beat JSU 😂


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It is evident that Alcorn, SU, and Grambling are established winners in the SWAC. I think our past coaches got so enamored with beating JSU and Bama State that we lost focus on the prize. We are so thankful to have Coach Maynor who has a different focus to be competitive with the Big 3 of Alcorn, SU, and Grambling. Plus, eventually making the playoffs if that is an option. PBSwag77, I understand that we have dominated JSU in recent years; however, we should never be satisfied with beating a less than mediocre team. Especially, a team that was PIMP SLAPPED by The Kentucky State Thoroughbreds. I strongly believe that every coach should be given at least 4 years to build a program and here is why.

The first year you lose big
Second year you lose close
The 3rd year you win close
The 4th year you win big

Coach Maynor has the team moving in the right direction and I look forward to the football season, whether it is 2020 or 2021.
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Damn, Alabama A&whatever so small time yall neglecting facts LMFAO.

Fact, out of 6 seasons A&whatever has 2 winning seasons but uses JSU as a scape goat for sorriness ... “well at least we beat Thee”because he knows beating J State is valuable.

Fact, We’ve fired coaches for 7-5 ., y’all celebrate for 7-5 .... we fill stadiums on down years , y’all went 7-5 and the stadium was already in pandemic mode social distancing and all because nobody cared.

Fact, Let’s be real, you’ve benefited from bad Alabama Stank and bad JSU ... y’all not great and JSU has given y’all the window to win a ship... or at least get there... but your aamu and y’all do aamu things when it matters... but hey, at least you beat Thee.

this small time talk is something else lol...
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AAMU saved the SWAC when no other city or state wanted anything to do with the SWAC. Kicked out of New Orleans with no place to go. Poor Dr. Frank was thrown a life line by AAMU. Stop being thankless. Do you all remember Alabama pass a law that no old raggedy vehicle could travel on Interstate? Should not have passed the law because it cut down on fans coming to Alabama to support their team. If this thankless crap continue, we will join the Big 10 or SEC. Don't challenge us with this independent stuff. We will leave you high an dry.


I heard some philanthropists will be donating Mississippi Valley several short buses for athletic road trips and their band. So there shouldn't be any parking issues for the home teams when the Devils travel to Alabama.....LOL