This is just for the TSPN OLD SCHOOLERS


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Naw, I did not drink that year. I know I didn't....because this is the same year we all went to BgJag's house and ate gumbo! Even Reggie was there with the Joker hat on....

So Rob got drunk 2 times? He was definitely drunk that year. Mike too!


Hey JSTUS Beans is still named Beans, he can't shake that name. Me and D-Nice been calling him that since he showed up on the board and said he was from the Boot but was a Falcons fan. Sorry mutha.....LOL!

Yall know what is funny is that while I was moving I found all my TSPN awards. My wife was like, what ar all those. I just couldn't explain all of the post. But I am still the most decorated poster in the history of TSPN, and if we ever start voting agin, I will keep winning, LOL!!

Speaking of old times, where is the picture of the Ponte Pants from the GSU/JSU tailgates?

That pic is in the same location as the Men's Forum.:saw:
Where are your lucky socks at? :lol:




Naw, I did not drink that year. I know I didn't....because this is the same year we all went to BgJag's house and ate gumbo! Even Reggie was there with the Joker hat on....

Finally, I can recollect some memories. This was the first year I attended the Pat O's gathering and I was at BG's house in 2003. I also remember Kema coming back on the board saying why she didn't drink anything- due to breastfeeding.

Suge- you won't win an award if you keep not posting the way you have been lately. lol


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That picture up there sucks...cuz my phat arse ain't in it!!

I got some pictures of Sonic's first BC with the crew and she had on these tight lil pants..and Ole Suge pitched a tent in his.........dayum the memories! LOL!


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LOL!!!!!!! @ all the "light skinned" people in front and the "darkies" in back. Can't even see the rest of the crew.

Ya'll wrong for that!



You are so wrong on so many levels for that!

It does look that way, doesn't it? :lol:


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Lawd, I likeneah forgot about the pissing monkey! :lol:

The ban made MikeBigg so mad, he whined about the pissing monkey for MONTHS. It was his best SMACK MOVE...that pissing monkey pissing on Southern University's shield! :mad::smh: Batch! :emlaugh:

Hey remember he called BgJag COLONEL FLAGG! :goof:

The VERY good old days! Dey gone! :saw:

Yeah but then my daughter got grown and met all yall TSPN folks so I had to tone it down a bit... Now the heffa's (only I can call her that) is back here in BR and making life miserable. Everytime I try to hang with the fellas, drink drinks at a cookout or whatever, here her little azz come saying "Daddy, Momma said bring some milk". Dayum!!!:kaioken: :kaioken:


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Wait...that would explain why...............

DAYUM DSN you a HO!!!!
Kenn Rashad DSN talkin bout himself...don't pull no Sonny on me.


Dayum Dayum Dayum

That was the year my daddy died and the year I brought my ex!!! :lmao:

I was grabbing AAMUprettywoman's but in front of her!!!!:goof:

Yeah...scandoulous I tell ya...:shame: U waz str8 scandalous then and ain't nothing changed.:lmao:


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Where was I when those pics were taken? :confused: I was there.

I was thinking the same thing about myself......I guess me and ZN and the rest of us old head Jukes always arrived later after the BOTB. Folks would be already feeling good:retard: and had no voices when we would get there. Needs to find pic of me, GSUPE, Kenn/his twin SOGGY, and Nice somewhere around here.