The UA community dislikes video advocating for human decency


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University of Alabama fans and alumni were overwhelming negative about the football team's racial equity and equality PSA. Read the comments and look at the number of dislikes for the video. Can you imagine representing and supporting a university where the majority are BLATANTLY racist and support racial inequality. I can't smh .... I wish all the black people transfer to a HBCU, Georgia State, or another more liberal school that's more welcoming to blacks.

I'm so glad I never went to the UA tailgates I been invited to ... I want nothing to do with UA. And I been to Tuscaloosa a few times and the white people were usually very polite but don't get it twisted ... I know 99% of them are Trump Trash that think I'm inferior simply due to the melanin in my skin and have ZERO interest in supporting racial equity. Keep in my mind I have two degrees.

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