The Federal Reserve is about to raise interest rates as inflation continues to surge

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday hiked interest rates by three quarters of a percentage point, its most aggressive move yet to try to control inflation, as it squeezes the U.S. economy.

For weeks, Fed leaders set expectations for an increase of half a percentage point, as it did in May, in the latest of seven rate increases slated for this year. But a surprisingly bleak inflation report released last week, the war in Ukraine plus growing signs that the markets and American public have lost faith in the Fed, ignited a more forceful push from central bank policymakers as they wrapped up two days of meetings. The Fed has not enacted a hike of this size since 1994, but signaled similarly-large hikes are coming later this year.

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They will raise them again, they wont have a choice, the house republicans are moving to put the country into non payment of debt. The rates the government will have to charge to borrow money will go up, it will drag everything up with it.
The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged on Wednesday, despite stubborn inflation that has resisted the central bank's fight to cool price increases.

The move allows previous rate increases to take greater hold of the economy and grants the central bank time to assess whether another hike will be necessary.

Inflation stands well below its peak last year of over 9%, but progress has stalled in recent months and price growth remains more than a percentage point higher than the central bank's target rate.