Texas Southern's "Ocean of Soul" to perform in Super Bowl Halftime Show

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    Texas Southern's "Ocean of Soul" to perform in Super Bowl Halftime Show

    January 26, 2004

    Texas Southern University?s Ocean of Soul has won a chance of a lifetime ? a halftime performance with Janet Jackson at Super Bowl XXXVIII ? and has its sights set on turning Reliant Stadium into a rocking, rhythmic realm of excitement come February 1. The band won?t be alone, through; Ocean of Soul is collaborating with the University of Houston?s Spirit of Houston Cougar Marching Band. A total of 360 students from TSU and UH will take to the field.

    ?The the popularity of movies like ?Drumline?, and the spotlight on college bands ? especially black marching bands ? this just makes sense,? said LaChanda Jenkins, director of communications at Texas Southern.

    Since early December 2003, this plan has been in the works, with e-mails and telephone calls bounding from time zone to time zone. Richare Lee, Ocean of Soul director, has been in touch with MTV, the network producing the halftime show. Salli Frattini, a senior vice president of MTV, and other network executives, visited TSU?s campus in December to audition Lee?s band. A camera crew was in tow and captured footage of the entire audition in order to produce a ?Making of the Half-Time show? program to air on MTV in February after the big game.

    According to Lee, Ocean of Soul had a number of prepared pieces to show off for the audition. The drumline performed a litany of funk routines and the entire band performed several songs, including TSU?s fight song, ?Crazy Love? by Beyonce? and ?I Like the Way you Move? by the rap duo Oukast.

    ?The MTV reps were excited when Ocean of Soul began auditioning,? said Jenkins, who was present at the performance. ?I think they were impressed with our moves, with our sound ... just with our downright soul.? Weeks later, MTV decided that both TSU and UH should be featured during the Super Bowl. The producers were eager to capture the unique styles and sounds of both bands.

    Though the two universities are only blocks apart, the bands have never performed together. Friday, January 23 marked the day when the two bands met for the first time. The meet-and-greet mixer, held at TSU?s Wellness and Recreation Center allowed the band members to form camaraderie conversing, playing music and feasting on barbeque. Prior to the mixer, only the two drumlines had met. The 60 students who comprise the drum units had already completed two recording sessions.

    Rehearsals will continue throughout the week with a full run through on Thursday, January 29 at Reliant Stadium. Band directors Lee and David Bertman of the University of Houston have partnered in every aspect of the routine, going so far as to fly to Los Angeles to meet and discuss ideas with Janet Jackson. Moreover UH?s Kevin Erickson and TSU graduate student Brian Pierre collaborated on the music for the drum feature. TSU?s percussion section designed dance movements for the drum performance.

    ?We are very excited to get this opportunity,? Lee said. ?I?m sure we?ll work well with them (University of Houston). We have different sounds and styles but there?s no doubt we?ll work well together. This is fantastic not only for our band members, but also for Texas Southern University.?
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    This is real good.

    But the TV directors will completely screw it up. I hate to be a pessimist on this,but we know how networks can screw up a halftime show.

    Anyway, I hope they show the "Motion In The Ocean":D
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    Way to go TSU!
  5. EB

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    That is a great job TSU!!!
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    Congrats TSU
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    Re: Texas Southern's "Ocean of Soul" to perform in Super Bowl Halftime Sho

    Bro. A, why you open the gate? We (TSU) were trying to shockem on game day?
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    Make 'em Sea Sick Ocean!!!
  10. JSTUS


    :tup: REPRESENT.
  11. LMBH

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    Congratulations, TSU. I look forward to seeing the performance.
  12. TSU/BAMA

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    :tup: Half-time is probably the only part of the Super Bowl I will watch.
  13. BluPearl98

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    Me too,
    *Pats vs. Panthers, wth?*


    Go Ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thank you. And I do hope that you all will show the same enthusiastic support when I wed Janet Jackson next week. :D

    Also, why would you only watch halftime of the Superbowl? The commercials are no doubt gonna be awesome this year!:D :emlaugh:
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    Congrats. Do the damn thing.
  16. dedrick

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    That's a honor!!

    Cograts!! TSU that is a huge honor and everyone know that you will perform well! Good Luck
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    I'm happy for Txsu... Represent da SWAC..

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    Here is another article


    Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Show Promises 'Shocking Moments'

    Singer's halftime performance will include two marching bands.

    by Shaheem Reid

    The Super Bowl means just as much to the entertainment world as it does to those who follow sports.

    As the big game approaches, one of the top questions along with "Who's going to win?" is "What will Janet Jackson be doing at the halftime
    show?" But Janet isn't the only celebrity cutie who'll be catching eyes during the MTV-produced AOL Top Speed Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime performance Sunday. Jessica Simpson has just been added to the festivities.

    MTV's 12-minute program will commence with a short film, and then one half of the world's most popular newlyweds will call for the party to start. From there the Houston native will hand it over to fellow hometown favorites Texas Southern University and the University of Houston. The TSU Ocean of Soul marching band and the UH Spirit of Houston Cougar marching band will unite as one, coming with their instruments blaring and feet stomping, leading the way for Ms. Jackson.

    Although the bands have different styles ? with TSU moving with a pump-and-drive, high-knee marching style and U of H using the more traditional heel-to-toe method ? they've been able to meet in the middle.

    "It's working out fine," affirmed TSU Band Director Richard F. Lee. "We have two different styles but we move the same distance at the same time; eight steps every five yards." Lee and UH band director David Bertman will share the reins on Sunday.

    After seeing videotapes of the bands, Jackson was eager to work with both squads so she could bring something new to the table for her halftime performance.

    "Me and Janet thought it would be great to change one of our numbers and introduce a drum line into our routine," Jackson's choreographer, Gil Duldulao, said Tuesday. "This is different because I know a lot of band members aren't dancers. So I'm happy to have the time beforehand to teach and sort of lead them in the direction that I feel is perfect for what we're doing onstage."

    Janet will be backed by 26 dancers, 360 regular band members and a 60-person drum line. Each school has an equal amount of people playing.

    "I don't think the Super Bowl has ever seen a performance like this," Duldulao added. "The dancing is great. She's more stylized, she's more feminine, she's more a woman as she dances this time around. There are some shocking moments in there too. It's a lot of pressure, there's so many creative people and creative artists, you want to make sure everything is different, and I think she's going to do that. She's doing her job well."

    In addition to Jackson and Simpson, P. Diddy, Nelly and Kid Rock will also perform at halftime.

    Hangin' in H-Town: News and notes from the Super Bowl:
    Nelly is one of the flyest rappers in the game, but he doesn't like to fly. His tour bus pulled into Houston early Wednesday morning, completing the journey all the way from Los Angeles. Don't expect P. Diddy to travel like his Midwestern friend. Diddy, who's known for his affinity for jets, is scheduled to arrive in Houston Wednesday to rehearse with his "Shake Ya Tailfeather" co-star. The pair have a few tricks up their sleeves for the halftime bonanza, one of which is a remix like you've never heard before.
    Kid Rock isn't kidding around when it comes to his workload. Even though the boisterous bad boy has been on tour, Kid has still been making time to practice for Sunday's big show. The hip-rocker has a concert Wednesday night (January 28), but he'll shake off any fatigue and hit Houston on Thursday for his next round of rehearsals.
    There's going to be some serious partying going on in Houston this week. P. Diddy, Beyonc?, R. Kelly, Cam'ron, Snoop Dogg, Dame Dash and the Roc-A-Fella family, Russell Simmons, EA Sports, Magic Johnson, Lil' Flip and Janet Jackson are just a few of the names throwing fiestas this week.
    Super Bowl XXXVIII will air live from Houston's Reliant Stadium on Sunday. Coverage begins at 9 a.m. ET with the special "MTV's TRL at the Super Bowl."
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    :) I know TxSU will do an excellent job:)

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