Texas high school football in jeopardy?


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Man, folks in Texas would rather cancel Church services than to cancel Football! Believe me when I tell you they will do ANYTHING possible to be on those FB Fields in August!
It's ridiculous. I loved high school football........when I was in High School. These fools out here are over the top. Although that Allen stadium is nice. :)


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I wonder what this does for recruiting for those 2-3 star kids who need this season for recruiting.
A lot of them have still been getting offers this offseason. Most kids get their first offers prior to their senior seasons. Now, some who may have been hoping for bigger name offers may not get those.


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If this don't make them mask up down here in Texas then nothing will.
And these numbskulls in Mississippi STILL won't do it...

The mayor of Jackson was on GMA this morning and he stated that it makes no sense that Jackson (a black city in Hinds County) has a mandatory mask policy but you can literally walk across the street to Ridgeland in Madison County where there is no policy or neighboring Rankin County (Flowood, Pearl, Brandon, Richland) that doesn't have one either. Now all 3 counties are under a mandatory mask order from our dimwited governor (who still refuses to order a state wide mandatory mask policy and lock down) along with the state's other major metro area in Desota County