Suggestion for Coaches and Fans


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The first thing a Coach need to learn is to have something to say when they call time out. When the heat is own the players start looking at you. If you don't have a plan you are in trouble. Coach Prime first lesson is the SWAC is no joke. I am a big fan of Coach Prime, but coaching is different from being a player. Coaches will always be faced with players doing something to hurt the team no matter how much the coach go over dos and don'ts. We all feel the value added of CP, but winning is the most important thing. Why would the QB throw the ball over the goal post? Just one of those things a coach has to live with. No sense in anyone getting upset about the game. Every body love to beat JSU. JSU earned the reputation and it is a reality. AAMU has a great season when we beat Alabama State, Jackson Stand and Homecoming. As I always said if one Bama don't beat you the other Bama will. As you can see ESPN appear to have technical problems the last two ball games. Have they committed enough resources to eliminate the technical resources? Since the JSU/AAMU game has been moved to ESPN, I am looking forward to all the technical difficulties corrected.