SU Annual jSU Beatdown This Saturday


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You know what’s a bitter irony .... SUcks folks in here hating as usual talking about our former coaches but meanwhile ODUMs one missed SWAC championship from being on the zoom call with ole stump and the gang.... don’t fight this we really doing y’all high yella niccas a favor by getting Oh - DUMBS fired.... take this ass whooping with school pride... we gone kick the yellow out y’all and give y’all the baby blues ...
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This will be the same line y’all will use when y’all lose. Past tense. Don’t get caught up in what Bama stank did ... some folks we didn’t have are now healed up and ready to go. Tread lightly.
Not going down that "Rabbit Hole" with them just yet! Lol! We're not so sure what we got at this point but we Know what we got coming! Lol! Better catch us NOW if you can and if you can't.....


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What? Man, get the hell on with that. LOL!!!! The way yall did Internet Pete and Ole Stumpy, yall should be in Valley's hell with Gram.

Really??? While letting a coach go is sometimes not an easy process, we actually love Coach Pete. We even started "The Pete Richardson Classic" in his honor. And more is yet to come.

Now, as far as JStank and Comegy is concerned............