Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Olde Hornet

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This is the only recipe for chocolate chip cookies that you will need. Perfect cookies with a soft and moist center, melty morsels of chocolate, and crisp edges.​

Tips for Making Chocolate Chip Cookies:​

  • Measure ingredients correctly, especially the dry ingredients (fluff your flour with a spoon then spoon flour into the cup and scrape off the top for an accurate measure).
  • Sift baking soda to eliminate any lumps
  • Butter and eggs should be at room temperature
  • Use plenty of chocolate chips – they add moisture and give the cookies good form
  • Use a trigger release scoop for equal-sized cookies (3 Tbsp each)
  • For a prettier cookie, stud the top of each cookie dough ball with a few extra chocolate chips before baking.