Rest in peace Dr. Isaac Greggs

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  1. bernard

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    As a fan I really admired Dr. Greggs for his fierce competitiveness, awesome sounding/drilling bands and beautiful Dancing Dolls. Band members were always uniform, polished and clean shaven. I once heard Greggs say on BET, " that if you wear an ear ring, you're not going to play in my band, I will put you out", that's the way it should be, the tail shouldn't wag the dog!

    Dr. Greggs, the fierce competitor will truly be missed. Rest in peace Dr. Greggs.
  2. IB4DemJags

    IB4DemJags HBCU's > pwcu's

    :angel2:"Doc" is gone home...:angel2:

    But like he would say "IT'S GONE BE ALRIGHT!"

    God Bless! and Rest in Peace Doc!

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  3. JROCK

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    RIP Dr. Greggs/"Doc". As an undergrad, I had a hillarious experience with "The Black Man." Decades later my old roomate and I still laugh about it. I was never in the band but he still touched my life.
  4. Legend35

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    My thoughts and prayers are with the Greggs Family and the Human Jukebox Family. This is a great loss to us all. He was truly one of a kind.
  5. BG

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    RIP Dr. Greggs
  6. philharmonic

    philharmonic Living History!!!

    I didn't attend Southern but was influenced by his presence through the people that knew him. I had the honor of meeting him and it was a great encounter! Those few days I laughed and was enlighten on a wide range if things from band to life! I never got a chance to meet Hutchinson from Grambling or Foster from famu but Griffin at Alcorn, Knighten, and Greggs along with my UAPB directors Burrus and Harold Strong made a great impression on me and my career. May you rest in eternal peace Dr. Greggs! Everything IS alright! (cause you were here!)
  7. SUjagTILLiDIE

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  8. JAG89


    I saw a lot of old faces in the Advocate's video. RIP Doc..........

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  9. SUjagTILLiDIE

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  10. GoodFella

    GoodFella "The Real McCoy"

    Well said Hud!!
  11. 96lioness

    96lioness For the 14 sisters at my church that survived!

    My daughter has been sending me different pics of the many organizations, students waiting in line to say goodbye to Dr. Greggs. So many students, former students, those who weren't in band, all standing patiently, waiting to pay their respects.

    One of my church members is an SU alum. Every time I travel to & from BR for Bri, I always stop in the SU Bookstore & buy Miss Norma some SU apparel & accessories. She's up in age & can't take a lot of travel so I bring her a piece of her alma mater. When I told her about Dr. Greggs' passing, I thought she was about to start crying right where she stood. She was so very sad to hear it.
  12. THAMES

    THAMES Active Member

    R.I.P Doc,

    You were the one constant for Southern through all of the high's and low's for 3 decades. Truly one of a kind.
  13. ER the Grambling Man

    ER the Grambling Man Well-Known Member

    Doc Greggs always was someone who I admired, respected, and always wanted his band "bring it" when it was Bayou Classic time. In the late 70's and and 80's, Doc Greggs and Grambling's Band Director at the time Conrad Hutchinson would never let both our school and alumni down when it came to quality performances at the Classic. My best friend who went to Southern in the late 80's always wanted to march in the Jaguar Band and marched briefly. Doc Greggs left his mark on Southern some really good field shows and some of the most attractive women in the country with the Dancing Dolls. RIP Doc! I pray for the Greggs Family as they grieve and mourn Doc!

  14. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Former Juke Drum Major from 81 & 82 (Danky) lead the second line.
  15. GoodFella

    GoodFella "The Real McCoy"


    RIP Much love to the Southern family. Even though he is gone physically he will always be here still just from his influence alone :clap:


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