Republican Candidate Reported To Police Over Possessing Gender Queer


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Rayla Campbell, is the Republican candidate who is in the running to be Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Like a number of Republican candidates, as noted by CBLDF's Interim Director Jeff Trexler, she has been using the possibility of the graphic novel Gender Queer and other books concerning sexuality and identity being in high school libraries as a call to arms, whether it has anything to do with her campaign or not.

Last week, Rayla Campbell took that campaign to a "Back the Blue" rally in Plymouth, Massachusetts. During the event, she brandished the graphic novel Gender Queer and called it child pornography. And it seems that as a result, someone in the crowd decided to cause a little mischief and reported Rayla Campbell to one of the many police officers in attendance for possessing child pornography.

Yes she is black.