Report: Deion Sanders not a candidate for head coaching position at Jackson State

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Them fools used to laugh at comegy for going to the championship & losing. Calling us the buffalo bills. Now look at that 3rd tier Ghetto ass school on the bluff. WE BEEN KNEW YALL WANTED TO BE LIKE JSU but damn lol Y’all flapping ya trap & happy because you was a guest at the party lmao. Y’all just “happy to be here“ huh? What y’all doing right now ain’t special. We been did that lol. But we can’t tell y’all nothing. Y’all coming up on a decade of being chsmpionshipless. The lengths them yellas will go to be like a “sorry JSU”.
These fools dumb. In here cackling like hens about a James bell. A Harold Jackson & so forth but Worm done killed their fan base & home attendance but they steady lining the pockets of the Mississippi Schools. If that’s not a case of the Pimp & the creole hoe....


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Let's we ALL forget!!!

BB, them open-face gold toothed yellas are jealous. Miserable as well because they’re at their best right now & can’t win a championship. Just a big old FLOP! Year after year. I don’t blame them for Redirecting their pain. This thread has taken them on an emotional rollercoaster. I’ve enjoyed every second of it.


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"Oh well, I guess they will never invite us to their homecoming."
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Could’ve sworn D2 NC Central came to Mumford and batted the fk out Pete and Su. The refs tried to save Southern by allowing Su to score 20 unanswered in the 4th. Although Su only lost by 7, the game was much worse than what the score indicated. Didn’t nc central crank on the jukebox before they sat down lol?


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Do you see us with a 30 page post SOLELY on Valley's coaching hires and football program? And then PROCLAIM that we know whats REALLY going on there and go ON AND ON AND ON?? Absolutely not! Like I said amicable rivalry is one thing but to down right be OBSESSED with another schools program is Looney. Valley hasn't had a winning season since...................NEVER. and you all wanna know whats going on in Jackson?????? LMBO... MAKE THAT MAKE
I know Bowie off the team. He's y'all best receiver.


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Hope it works out for JSU and I hope we see you guys in the SCG w/ us, Prairie View A&M University. When JSU elevates, the others in the SWAC too must elevate to meet the challenge.

Remember, we're not eligible for any post season games this year.

I answered your question. I do know. Everybody knows. You guys want Deion Sanders (someone with no college coaching experience) as your head coach. If that ain't style over substance...
Sounds like the Bell Error all over again...
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