Police & the Homeless....This is SAD....Whatever Happened To Am I My Brother's K

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Well last night myself and 3 of my boys went to Adams Morgan in DC for some going away drinks. One of my boys who is in the Air Force is being transfered to Bulgaria.

Well, we decided to stop by this Pizza Place. My boy Slick who has been in the Air Force for 16 years decides to sit down on the stoop next to a homeless guy. As we were standing there eating the homeless guy begins to ask for money. This was the same guy that I gave a dollar to when we got out of the car. Slick says man we just hooked you up. The homeless guy proceeds to pat down and physically go into Slicks pockets. Slick commences to whipping his ARSE Matrix style.

Now I sat there along with 2 cops and watched the whole thing. When Slick jumped up that's when I grabbed him and pulled him away. Two other homeless men began to hit Slick and my boy who is leaving to go to Bulgaria jumps in it along with frat.

Now here is the clincher..........the cops watched this whole incident.......after about a 3 minute round and some blood being spilled the cops break it up. Guess who gets arrested and charged with Assault......Slick.....guess who gets cuffed and put in the back of the police car, me, my frat., and my boy who is being transfered to Bulgaria. Our charges were dropped, but spending the night in DC's lockup is not my type of hype. Yet, Slick still has to go to court for assault and battery.

Now here is another clincher.......two undercover cops said they noticed the homeless patting Slick down and going in Slick's pockets, they also warned this homeless guy to stop harrassing people. This morning when were released, DC's Finest tell us that we were arrested because we should have had more control and should be more caring and concerned about the Homeless. WTF???????????

A total stranger attemps to invade your privacy by going through your pockets and you commence to whopping his ARSE. Oh my God.

This is really the sad part........some white people who were feeling sentimental toward the homeless people told the officer that we were intimidating the homeless people. To top it off.......groups of black people who were there just shock their heads and walked away. Whatever happened to am I my brothers keeper?

A Lawyer
A DoD Defense Analyst
A 17 year Veteran in the Air Force
A 16 year Veteran in the Air Force

All arrested because someone invaded the privacy of an individual and we defended ourselves.


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Sweets, you get into more damn predicaments than anybody I've ever encountered. What's gonna happen to you next?:rolleyes:

Anyway, sorry you went through all that but this is why I don't phugg with them homeless folks.


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Well Sweets, you know you can't depend on the cops for chit....they've proved that time and time again.:rolleyes:


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The cops are at fault. They could have nipped this before it escalated. Yall didn't really have choice. Sounds like a case of Whipping azz to keep from hurting them.

Last week, my vehicle stalled not far from home. A guy on a bicycle came by and offered to help push the car...Cool!
Afterwards, it was "Big Man get me a beer". Sorry man, I don't have any cash on me, just enough change for a phone call (didn't have my cell). Dude wanted to clown... said "You can kiss mine"!

Oh no Cuz..."Look crazy futha mucka, I appreciate your help. If I had money I would make you take it. But if you ever invite me to your azz again, I'm gonna make my self at home"

He Cooled Out...and hauled azz!