Pence calls Harris while Trump continues to stew in denial

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Good thing social media is down for agent orange.

Pence calls Harris while Trump continues to stew in denial

One is dropping in on the White House phone operators, addressing troops at bases across the country, paying a visit to national guardsmen in place for the inauguration and speaking by phone with his successor.
The other is holed up inside, silenced on social media, resisting entreaties to deliver a farewell address and refusing to speak to the man who beat him.
The respective ways Vice President Mike Pence and his boss, President Donald Trump, are concluding their terms in the White House amount to a study in contrasts.

One way is decidedly more presidential than the other.

After an extended period of estrangement after Trump called Pence a "p*ssy" and lambasted him in front of a crowd that later stormed the US Capitol to hunt him, Trump and Pence are now speaking.

But many in Pence's orbit remain furious at how Trump behaved the day of the insurrection attempt, which brought rioters within seconds of encountering Pence and members of his family in the hallways outside the Senate chamber. Trump did not call to check on Pence's safety during the ordeal.


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