Pac-12 and SWAC Basketball Partnership Announced


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Still remember TAMU coming to the Baby Dome, it was rocking.

"Among the men's games in 2022 will be Arizona State visiting Texas Southern, Washington State traveling to Prairie View A&M and Colorado at Grambling State."



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lol @ "partnership."

That's code for "we coming to your house to put a foot through your ass because there is a HUGE disparity in talent and coaching."

I'll attend. I'll be madder than a scrimma goat but I'll attend to witness the pending and hope for the better.


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I love it. Home and Home, I hope our fan base (TSU)come out and make a true home and home. I know what instore for them in the baby dome. We use to have that atmosphere in Adams Gym back in the day. Only have it now when PV comes to town. I've heard stories about the old, old Jackson State Gym. They say they had people under the goal. Good memories.


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The home and home part makes it a home run. It appears Valley will be part of the 2024 rotation. It's a safe bet Valley will draw Utah since we played them a lot recently.
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