Once reason America's racial wealth gap persists

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Angela Chevaux and her husband have made a good living in York, Pa. She's an insurance claims supervisor and he's in construction. But still, a recent inheritance from her father-in-law has been life-changing. He left them a retirement account, a life insurance policy, an annuity — and her husband and his brother inherited an old farmhouse in a secluded spot with a pond.

"We were able to buy the property — the other half — out from his brother at a decent price," Chevaux says.

She figures they paid about half what the appraised value would have been.

The Wealth gap
That's why I think some of the initial things we need are mental and financial health. If the government wrote us checks tomorrow, the masses would give the money back in a week.

That mindset we had after leaving the plantations is gone. The former slaves knew what freedom meant and they went all out buying land, building towns, building schools, and gaining political office. Our people were really something. It took the North and the South together to derail that powerful Black train. Dr. John Henrik Clarke had a lot of evidence to support his conclusion that, " you have no friends ".
What's crazy, my grandfather couldn't read until the day he died. But, they didn't stop him purchasing close 100 acres of land, and passing it down to his children.

It's amazing that under Jim Crow, black people got more done, and accomplished without any outside support.