Official Game of Thrones Final Season Thread

Olde Hornet

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I am going to miss this show, I liked that it was not the happy ending that people wanted. It’s a hallmark of this show.

Attack Dog

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I've always been house Stark. A house of honor that was reluctantly, sadly, and brutally thrown into"The Great Game". I was glad to see House Stark come out on top.

Dany said she wanted to break the wheel and she did (Bloodline will nolonger determines who rules the kingdoms ).

Jon didn't want the iron throne, he just wanted to be in the North around people who valued him ( He gave is life for the free folk).


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After sitting back and watching again. I'm at peace with the ending. The whole series was set up for the Starks to rule. You have Bran (named after the Stark who built Winterfell) ruling 6 of the Kingdoms, Sansa ruling Winterfell independently, Jon Snow leading the wildlings (who are suggested to be a part of the Stark bloodline), and Arya going to unknown parts of the world.