Obie Trotter Signs Contract in Germany

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by Mr. SWAC, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Mr. SWAC

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    Obie Trotter Signs Contract in Germany
    Congratulations to former Bulldog standout

    Obie Trotter

    Aug. 18, 2006

    Website of the Giessen 46ers (in German)

    Giessen, Germany - Former Alabama A&M All-America point guard Obie Trotter has inked a professional basketball contract to play for the Giessen 46ers in Germany's top division. Trotter arrived in Germany last Sunday and is targeted to be the starting point guard for the 46ers this fall.

    According to Trotter's agent, Alex Yam, the deal to play in Germany to start his professional career rather than American opportunities like the NBDL was the best move for Trotter at this point. This opportunity gives him a chance to prove he can play on the next level, and it gives him a chance to be a starting point guard right away. Yam said his goal is to get Trotter placed on an NBA summer league team in 2007 after a successful first season in Giessen.

    Giessen general manager Christoph Dent said of his new signee, "Obie is ultra quick, and I like his style of play. He has some of the quickest hands on defense I have ever seen."

    Alabama A&M head coach Vann Pettaway echoed Dent's evaluation. "Obie was one of the best defensive players in the country over his career. I am both happy and proud that he is getting an opportunity to take his game to the next level. He is certainly deserving. We can only hope that this is the first step for him to do what he loves for a long time."

    Even while in Germany, Trotter is on schedule to graduate from Alabama A&M in December. He has two classes remaining in pursuit of his degree in Telecommunications, and will take those through correspondence this fall.

  2. JagHammer

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    I like his game. Obie Trotter was one of the more prolific shooters in the SWAC in recent years. I hope he stay clear of the distractions and make it to the "Big Leagues."

  3. Devil's Gun Trigger Man

    Devil's Gun Trigger Man onward and upward son!

    Congrats Obie, hope he makes it. I'm just glad we ain't got to deal with him anymore.
  4. JagHammer

    JagHammer Senior Troll

    What cha mean by that? He was shutting ya'll lights out?
  5. Get Ready

    Get Ready Well-Known Member

    Obie Trotter....real name no gimmicks
  6. hornetboy01

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    I am happy for Obbie and I think he will do well!
  7. MikeBigg

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    Those guys make a nice piece of change over there in Europe and the other foreign leagues. I met Derrick Taylor (former LSU player) a couple of years ago and he told me that he was still playing in either Italy or France. Dude said he loved it and was having a ball. I asked him, man you have got to be close to 40 by now... he said, yes and when I'm through playing I might coach over there. Hey, make the money bruh!
  8. Keno1970

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    Congrats to the brother!!! Hopefully he'll do big things over there.
    I spent four years in Germany and it was hella nice. I'd still be there if it wasn't for my wife.
    I didn't know Giessen had a pro team. It's a fairly small town but only about 30-40 minutes from Frankfurt.
  9. Attack Dog

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    :tup: Gamma Ep!!!
  10. SONNY

    SONNY The Future of Omega!!!!

    Congrats to OT.

    I hope he does GREAT over in GRMY. Stay away from distractions and he'll be fine.

    Much love to the "HILL".
  11. JSU'99

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    Good for him!

    MACBFAC No Mulligans!!

    That kid was a true baller. Great attitude!!!! Unlike that other fool on the team.
  13. Blacknbengal

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  14. DAHILL

    DAHILL Well-Known Member

  15. BNGguy

    BNGguy The Inspector

    Congrats goes out to Obie. I know he'll do just fine. Mac are you talking about Ricky or Joe???

    MACBFAC No Mulligans!!

    Joe Martin Lol!! y'all know that boy was crazy
  17. DAHILL

    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    Crazy??? What has Joe ever done to make you think he was crazy... He has never received a technical foul, flagrant foul, been kicked out of a game.... He is a very emotional player who doesnt like to lose, but I have NEVER seen him show bad sportsmanship.
  18. J-State

    J-State Well-Known Member

    He's probably talking about the light-skin kid from Huntsville. I won't drop any names but you know exactly who he's talking about.
  19. mighty hornet

    mighty hornet The HMIC!!

    ummm Dahill,
    It was bad sportsmanship when Joe damn near guaranteed (via newspaper quotes) that A&M would beat ASU. ASU won and if I recall correctly, Joe then said that the next game in Huntsville would be a blowout for A&M.
    ASU won that one too.

    but I digress,

    congrats to Obie
  20. DAHILL

    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    1st game he made that statement... second game there was no statement made... and that would NOT qualify as bad sportsmanship....

    What Hayles did at the JSU and Bama State game in Birmingham would qualify as bad sportsmanship.

    lol@predicting a win before a game being bad sportsmanship.... it will make you eat crowe but definitely not bad sportsmanship.
  21. DAHILL

    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    He made it know who he was speaking of.... still is a stupid reason but ... I guess....
  22. mighty hornet

    mighty hornet The HMIC!!

    Providing OBVIOUS bulletin board material for your rival is crazy and it shole doesnt show great sportsmanship


    MACBFAC No Mulligans!!

    Crazy Joe, Trotter was and probably still is a class act
  24. Sting

    Sting Well-Known Member

    It also doesn't show any good sense on his part for trying to promise something that he can't guarantee. Obie is a very good player and I expect him to make some noise early and often. Good Luck!
  25. DAHILL

    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    This is college basketball.. players talk noise, coaches talk noise on a regular. That wouldnt be labeled as bad sportsmanship.... Like I said earlier Hayles fighting and getting ejected from the game in the championship would be labled as bad sportsmanship.

    so Joe is "CRAZY" for pre game smack.... what is Hayles for fighting and getting ejected in the SWAC tournament?

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